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Sisterhood of Dune by Brian Herbert
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Jan 17, 2012

really liked it
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Read from January 13 to 18, 2012

Anderson is a master space opera writer and I always sense his style very strongly in these Dune prequel novels. The large number of points of view and the tone reminds me very much of Anderson's Saga of the Seven Suns, one of my favorite series. But the main thing that's fun is just seeing how the authors fit the stories together into a tighter and tighter weave of the historical document that they've been designing that spans millennia. As they add each strand to the loom and make it work, and work well, it's just fun to watch. I really applaud their vision and execution. Where I think the books filling in pieces of the late Dune cycle (Paul, Jessica) are a bit weak, the prequel books have all been really entertaining. And I think it's pretty remarkable that Frank Herbert wrote Dune over 46 years ago but the ideas of Navigators, Reverend Mothers and Mentats are still so fascinating to this day that there is still a ton of story to be told about them. The origin tales are compelling. And there are very few authors that have managed to write about such huge sweeps of history and keep filling in the pieces of the story from beginning to end in such an entertaining way, I think these guys deserve some credit. Yes. Frank Herbert wrote the original series, but Brian's and Kevin figured out (with his notes) how to complete it, and how to pull it all together with the origin tale about Omnius that made it all make sense. 

Anyway, as for this book more specifically, no one on this book is a hero, that's for sure. Vorian (Atreides of course) come close, he's practically perfect, a bit annoyingly so, His only flaw is that he just isn't greedy or ambitious. His part of the book was the weakest, it's too isolated from the rest. It's clearly leading somewhere for the next book, and the visit to Arrakis was fun sentimentally, but it was too much like a weird short story that was isolated from what was going on in the rest of the book.  

But the rest of the characters are all frighteningly corrupt. Of course they don't think so, they justify their own actions at every turn. The most frightening is of course the anti-technology religious fanatic, who the authors are smart enough to give a tiny bit of legitimacy to by having him have Erasmus' personal journals, including the quote, "Given time they will forget... and will create us again. Yes, we can wait." Seeing that, it's more understandable that a man would fight against all  technology, that's pretty haunting stuff after 1000 years of slavery by the thinking machines. And yet the hypocrite uses spaceships and advanced weapons and has nothing against human slavery, just machine slavery. Power corrupts. 

I really enjoyed watching the authors weave their story, stand by strand, tighter and tighter. Nothing will ever compare to the majesty of the original Dune. But I enjoy the space opera quality that these prequel books have and look forward to the next one. 
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01/13/2012 page 1
0.0% "The ideas are fascinating, it's like watching a beloved blanket being rewoven in reverse."
01/14/2012 page 110
25.0% "Anderson is a master space opera writer. With the constantly changing POVs all weaving in and out, it reminds me of Seven Suns a lot."
01/15/2012 page 186
42.0% "It was really smart to make the fanatics relatable with the Erasmus quote, "Given time, they will forget...and will create us all over again.""
01/15/2012 page 276
62.0% "Crazy fanatic. Do what I say and not what I do, I'll do what ever I want because I'm doing God's work. According to my interpretation."
01/16/2012 page 330
74.0% "Those wen always did take a lot on themselves. Schemes within schemes. It all starts here."
01/16/2012 page 359
80.0% "It's amazing that Navigators, Reverend Mothers and Mentats are still so fascinating after more than 45 years."
01/17/2012 page 422
94.0% ""He who is wiling to use an evil tool is himself evil. There are no exceptions. " --Toronodo Yup, evil ship flying, weapon using Leader Toronodo"

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