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Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton
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Jan 05, 2012

A terrific read. Some of Thornton's interviews contain breathtaking definitions and questions of art and/or the artist.

"A protest against forgetting" - Eric Hobsbawn, quoted by Hans Ulrich Obrist
"[...] do you choose somebody to make history or do you confirm history?" Andrea Rose
"I was taught that one of the defining premises of modern art was its antagonism to mass culture [...] I could argue that Takashi is working within the system only to subvert it. But this idea of subversive complicity is growing stale..." Scott Rothkopf
"I threw out my my general life, so that I can make a concentration for my job. You maybe expecting more romantic story?" Takashi Murakami
"I love abstraction, but I even look at that kind of work for narrative content." Jerry Saltz
"I was so sick of reading Hemingwayesque novels full of muscular lyricism. Contemporary art seemed to be taking more interesting risks than contemporary fiction." Elizabeth Schambelan
"Don't things live not just by direct experience of them but by rumor, discussion, argument, and fantasy?" Adrian Searle
"It's not about innovation for innovation's sake or the ambition to be novel or unique. All good art gives us an opportunity for a different relationship with time." Matthew Higgs
"[Nicholas Logsdail] likes artists 'who are on a slow burn, very good, very serious, not in the fast track, but pursuing their own artistic interests with tenacity, quirkiness, and confidence.'"
"What you work at, what you struggle for, what you have to take command of--that often makes for very good art." Paul Schimmel
"To get the most out of your crit, you have to have a mysterious blend of complete commitment to your decisions and total openness to reconsider everything. . . I wanted to do something different. Students make work just because it stands up well in critiques, but outside the classroom it is often inconsequential." Fiona
"You have to find something that is true to yourself as a person--some non-negotiable core that will get you through a forty-year artistic practice." William E. Jones
"I don't care about an artist's intentions. I care if the work looks like it might have some consequences." Dave Hickey
"It's about being open to the possibility of what you could know." Mary Kelly
"Art comes out of failure. You have to try things out. You can't sit around, terrified of being incorrect, saying, 'I won't do anything until I do a masterpiece.'" John Baldessari
"Baldessari believes that the most important function of art education is to demystify artists: 'Students need to see that art is made by human beings just like them.'" Sarah Thornton, quoting John Baldessari
"Buying is much more American than thinking, and I'm as American as they come." Andy Warhol
"It's not by chance that I went from cosmetics to art. We are dealing with beauty here. We are dealing in things that are unnecessary, dealing with abstractions." Philippe Segalot
"The artist Francis Bacon once said that when MAN realizes that he is just an accident in the greater scheme of things, he can only 'beguile himself for a time.' He added: 'Painting or all art, has now become completely a game by which man distracts himself. . .. and the artist must really deepen the game to be any good at all.'" Sarah Thornton, quoting Francis Bacon
"As they say in the movie industry, ideas are a dime a dozen. You've got to put it into some sort of form." Thomas Lawson
"We hunt for students who are in some way on edge with their world." Steven Lavine
"The decisions that go into making a work are often social." Michael Asher
"Our view is that art should interrogate the social and cultural ideas of its time. Other places might want a work to produce pleasure or feelings." Charles Gaines
"The work you do as an artist is really play, but it is play in the most serious sense, like when a two-year-old discovers how to make a tower out of blocks. It is no halfhearted thing. you are materializing--taking something from the inside and putting it out into the world so you can be relieved of it." Leslie Dick
"An artist is someone who understands the border between this world and that one," he continued. "Or someone who makes an effort to know it." Takashi Murakami
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