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Slugs by Shaun Hutson
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Jan 05, 12

I really loved this book. It was a blast to read, delivered action and gore and really evoked some 80s nostalgia for me. I loved the pop references, and all the creative ways people died slimy, gruesome, sluggy deaths. The sex scenes were ok, but since I'm one of those people who gets to have sex in real life, I can take or leave them. I read this book from beginning to end with a grin on my face.

So, you're no doubt wondering, why did I only give this book three stars?

First off, the writing was pretty rough. It was clearly the work of Hutson early in his career, before he really had the chops to write good prose.


Second, never, anywhere in this book, in discussing ways to get rid of these freaking slugs, does anyone suggest a bag of freakin' salt. Having sizzled lots of slugs to death as a child, salt would have been the first thing I suggested, at least to handle the smaller scale problems. Naturally, the vast proliferation of the things in the sewers required a heavier hand, but still, for no one to even mention salt in the book ... hmm, well, anyway. There was also the utter lack of any help from law enforcement or other agencies that would have been better equipped to deal with the problem which seemed kinda unlikely.


I recommend this book for folks who like fun, gory fiction rooted firmly in the 1980s. Despite its flaws, it was entertaining.

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