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Fracture by Megan Miranda
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Jan 07, 2012

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I loved the way this book started out!

Kids being kids! Running on the ice. Falling in. Surviving when you should be dead. Waking up but not fully awake.

I kind of thought this story was going to be told in the form of a coma. Actually, I thought it was going to be similar to Elizabeth Scott's "Between Here and Forever", just told from the patient and not the sister.

But it wasn't like that at all.

Delaney is running with her besty neighbor Decker to play a game of Manhunt in early December. They run across a 'frozen' lake but the ice is too thin and SPALSH she falls in and the kids around her save her life. She's in the water drowning for 11 minutes, in a coma for 6 days, and now can sense when people are about to die.

So, is it a super hero story?

I kinda thought that was the way it was going to go. You know, not fighting crime but maybe fighting the reaper.

But, it's not like that either.

Instead, she notices she's different but in the beginning is just so worried that she might fall back on her studies and wants to go back to school and do homework and stuff. That just kind of bored me.

Now, it's a good book but I just couldn't relate with the main character. I honestly wanted to smack her at times and tell her to lighten up and go watch some Tom and Jerry.

Then we meet Troy, who I thought was going to be the fall in love savior bad boy. I mean... is he? He's supposed to be right? But then you get all confused because he is the same way that Delaney is but I'm left even more confused because he's.... evil? Is he? Is he out there killing people? Is he causing the deaths? What the hell is he? It's not explained and it just drove me up the wall.

I also didn't like how quickly the time changed. At one minute it would be sunny out and then the next second it was pitch black dark outside. Maybe I'm just being too picky but that did muck with me.

All in all... this is a very good read. It's not bad! IT's quite good and I loved the author's voice. I just couldn't fall in love with the characters. Maybe it's because I didn't have dreams of being valedictorian. Or maybe it's because I don't live up north and I don't understand the interest in snow. Or maybe it's because some of the answers were just too easy, while some of them were not explained, and others just made me eyeroll and want it to be different.

But don't let that deter you from reading this book. I would totally read something else from this author. This just wasn't my flavor of soda.
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01/05/2012 page 2
1.0% "Ok.. two pages in and WOAH!! This is gonna be good!" 2 comments
01/05/2012 page 46
17.0% "Haven't gotten bored once! Such a good sign for a good book! Oh, But I didn't cry at page 9 lolz!"
01/05/2012 page 56
21.0% "ewww!! They ate the snow? GROSS!" 4 comments
01/05/2012 page 83
31.0% "I think we finally met the dark handsome boy of the story. Seriously, do they not come in blonde anymore? LOLZ!"
01/06/2012 page 100
37.0% "If she's getting headaches from reading and was just at the library... then why didn't she pick up the audiobooks?"
01/06/2012 page 181
67.0% "What on earth? Now he's going all Lex Luthor on us?"
01/06/2012 page 189
69.0% "I wonder if it's just illness death she can predict or murder. It would have to be murder, too, right? So, that's probably how it's going to end."
01/06/2012 page 198
73.0% "Seriously? Her family has an 'office' and she doesn't think that she has money?!!"
01/06/2012 page 201
74.0% "Cool! Did she like absorb that for a minute before it happened?"
01/07/2012 page 256
94.0% "I totally got excited there but dang it... I got excited over nothing."

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Darkfallen Well that sucks that you didn't like it. I freaking adored it! But if you want to read a story from the comas patient POV then you need to pick up If I Stay. It is fantastic!

Greta is Erikasbuddy OH!! OK! I'll read that one!! I've heard all sorts of awesome things about it :)

But this book was good! I loved the voice, I just couldn't relate to the characters and all their smarty pantsisms.

Plus, I think it could have been darker ;)

Like that part where she's on the couch with so and so... I thought it was the other one ;) I was like "YES!" and then I was like "DAMN!" LOLZ! That would have made it so much darker and delicious ;)

Christen *Goldilox And The Three Weres* Wish you had liked this more but its certainly not everyones cup of tea (ooh, I almost never get to use that expression!). Sucks when you go into a book thinking it will be something different than it is, I've had that happen a few times.

message 1: by AH (new)

AH "This just wasn't my flavor of soda." - cute!

Oh well, I'm sure that Angelfall is blowing your socks off, right?

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