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Guardians of the West by David Eddings
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Jan 05, 2012

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So the Malloreon, like the Belgariad, Is pretty eh over all. I find Eddings is too indulgent in his characters which makes them seem fake. They are more like a drawing of a character. It is almost as if the characters themselves KNOW they are characters in a book and act in ways that say HEY READER! IN CASE YOU MISSED IT THE LAST 30 TIMES THIS IS WHO I AM. Eddings is redundant with their behaviors and brow beats you with it over and over and over. On top of that, most of the characters do not grow or change. They are exactly who they were 3, 5 and 7 books ago. Belgareth DOES change, but for the worse. He actually gets dumber as he gets older. Over all the books are fairly enjoyable. I didn't stop reading them. I am not saying they are a waste of time, but you could spend your time in better company then Eddings in my opinion. Eddings has now joined Goodkind at the top of my "Why the hell do people love this author so much?" List.
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Eilidh Collins Hi Jared. I kind of agree with your review. I'm just not enjoying this series as much as the first one. The characters and storyline seem tired and I don't like how it jumps forwards in time so much. I'm only 69% in, and I'm wishing that I didn't have this compulsion to finish every book/series I start. I almost feel like getting the rest of them will be a waste of money. I'll still buy them though...my question to you is: what is it that you don't like about Terry Goodkind? He's one of my favourite authors. Although I will say that his last three books have been a bitter disappointment...

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