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Claymore, Vol. 10 by Norihiro Yagi
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Jan 04, 2012

really liked it
Read in June, 2008

This one snuck up on me. I started reading and wasn't too impressed with the art (faces all tend to look the same, as do expressions), but before I knew it, I'd gone through all ten volumes I'd picked up in one evening and was desperate enough to know how the battle turned out that I resorted to finding the fan translation of Vol. 11 online.

Yeah, the character artwork could use major help, I mean, the only way I can tell the difference between most of the Claymores is when they call each other by name. But that's easy enough to overlook when there's such a great action-packed story going on. It started so deceptively simply with the introduction of one Claymore, and then we abruptly learn her background, what drives and motivates her. And then more Claymores turn up and we also see Clare as defined by her rank and presence in this organization. Suddenly we have a well-rounded character and I was so sucked into the story that I didn't notice until I surfaced for air a couple hours later.

The other Claymores aren't neglected, either, given just enough dialogue and scenes to give them all a three dimensional feel. Even the shadowy figures behind the organization, with only a couple panels devoted to them here and there, have a well defined presence as they loom in the background, an ominous feeling hanging over things.

The monsters, the Yoma, start out as just average boogymen, there to kill and be killed. But they too take on a more important role as the Claymores find a surprising connection with them. By the time the battle at Pieta begins, the Yoma and Awakened Beings are actually creatures that invite some understanding (if not sympathy because of how they came to be) and can't be dismissed as just a bunch of monsters anymore.

This is a very bloody and action-filled story, which is cool in and of itself, but with the added slowly revealing plot and the character development, this one gets high marks from me. Four and a half stars, really. Only the shaky artwork detracts, but don't let it steer you away from this great series.

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