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The Selection by Kiera Cass
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Apr 19, 2012

really liked it
Read from January 27 to April 18, 2012

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When a book has such a pretty cover, you cannot help but be attracted towards it. This was the case with The Selection. Going into this book, I didn't really have any expectations, which is why I believe I truly enjoyed it.

The Selection starts off with the main character, America Singer, receiving a mail informing her that she is eligible to participate in The Selection, which is basically a bride-choosing process for the Prince of Illea. America is very reluctant because she is already in love with someone who her parents would disapprove of, Aspen. Due to the constant pressure of her mother and Aspen, she decides to send in her application. However, what America doesn't expect is to be actually chosen as one of the 35 girls to reach the finals.

America was a great main character according to me. She wasn't exactly the typical kick-ass or head-strong like most heroines in dystopian novels, but instead she was someone very kind. Her general kindness, sweetness and selflessness was what made her a likable character, in my opinion. I honestly liked the fact that she was willing to actually ruin her life in order to help her family in distress out. Friendly and down-to-earth, America was a very loving character. Throughout The Selection, the reader gets to see the really protective and good-natured side of America when she stood up for others.
However, sometimes, America had difficulties making the right decision. It bothered me a little that she was that confused and I wanted her to make a choice. Overall though, I managed to neglect the confused side of America and actually like her because she was a really nice girl and no one is ever perfect.

When I first read the summary of the book, I was certain that Prince Maxon would be a jerky, rude, spoiled brat kind of guy, but the author completely took me by surprise with her portrayal of Maxon. He was, in fact, the complete opposite of what I was expecting him to be. He was a little awkward, inexperienced, naive and an actual gentleman. It was interesting to really see him waddle through The Selection with all his awkwardness. He was someone who had to bear a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders throughout the book and I really felt for the guy. His warm, supportive and welcoming personality makes him realistic and it's very easy to like his character and I can see why so many readers are Team Maxon.

The romance in the book between Maxon and America was very cute. The reason why I liked it has to be due to the fact that the two start off by being friends. Their friendship was heart-warming and seeing it blossom into something deeper was enjoyable. There was a love triangle in this book and it was pretty much the focus. Before America met Maxon, she was deeply in love with Aspen and he felt the same way towards her as well. However, he eventually breaks America's heart right before she leaves for The Selection. Initially, the reader had no insight on Aspen's personality, but later on in the book when America explains their love to Maxon, we get to see why America fell for him. He seemed like a sweet guy who would do anything for his family. He was a hard-worker, who was even ready to abandon the girl he loved only so she could be happy and prosperous.
It's no secret that I hate love triangles. They have become somewhat overused in YA books. For some reason,though, the love triangle in The Selection actually pleased me and I didn't feel my usual fury towards it. That's most probably because both male character had redeeming qualities and they were a lot similar. Right now, I don't know with certainty which guy I'm rooting for, but I am leaning towards Aspen.

As for the secondary characters, they were all very well-developed. Each of the 35 girls at The Selection had different personalities and the rivalry that existed between them was quite realistic. I especially liked America's interaction with all the girls. America was also very close with her sibling and although their relationship was only described in the first few pages, I found myself enjoying it.

There is basically no plot in The Selection. It was mostly a description of the whole process and the blossoming relationships between the character. Although it was very lacking in the action department, I really enjoyed the book because it was highly entertaining. My one complaint with this book is the actual world that they are living in. I like to know what the conditions are in dystopian societies, but the world-building in The Selection was low. There were only a few explanations of the caste system, but nothing was really described in depth. This made it quite difficult for me to visualize the society.

Kiera Cass has managed to create a highly original story, in my view. I liked the fact that this book was different in the dystopian section. Her writing was easy to follow and her characters were well-developed.

Overall, The Selection was an entertaining read that had memorable characters, a sweet romance with a dash of drama. I can't wait to see what the author has in store for us in the second book!
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Hannah Wow. that's a gr8 review. I've heard a whole bunch of good and bad blurb, and your review still keeps me interested. I can't wait for it to come out so I can figure out for myself.

nick Hannah wrote: "Wow. that's a gr8 review. I've heard a whole bunch of good and bad blurb, and your review still keeps me interested. I can't wait for it to come out so I can figure out for myself."

Yes, I've heard the bad as well, but I went into the book ignoring all reviews without any expectations. I read on one blogger's review that she went into the book expecting a Cinderlla-esque story rather than a dystopian one and she was really satisfied with it. I can't remember which blogger said that but I think she's right.

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