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The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
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NO! NO! NO! NO! Jenny Han needs to recreate Belly and this time, she should be a little more like this:

The news hit me like a bullet to my heart. I couldn't believe it. When I finally dared to look up, in a very quiet voice I managed to say, "I hope your mom stays strong."

Rather than:

"I hope your mom doesn't lose a boob."

See the difference in maturity? Belly, I'm sorry to break it to you darling, but if you continue to act like you do, you will never be treated like an adult. Your whiny attitude is just not acceptable, especially considering the fact that you just turned sixteen. Shame on you Belly. I should give you a time-out, the same punishment I give my stubborn three year old nephew when he refuses to be anything but unreasonable.

And I don't know how you can read the next sentence without a look of utter disbelief on your face when your done. Belly's lifelong dream and goal is to be Ms. Fisher. Really? Really?

There were so many times I wanted to throw this book across the room, it's not even funny anymore. Okay, so maybe most of my anger comes directly from Belly, and Belly only, but for god's sake, she was the damn, fucking narrator! I'm not being unfair when I rant about how much I hated this book just because of one flaw (although it's a big one, and often, the key to success in a novel), because believe me, it's fair. You can write a fabulous book, but if your protagonist is unable to do anything but fall in love and get her heart broken, your book isn't good. And if I'm being a horrible jerk in your eyes, keep your anger to yourself, or let it all out in your own glowing five star review.

Perhaps if The Summer I Turned Pretty wasn't told in first person, maybe I would've enjoyed it more I would have enjoyed it more. Belly was just far too...aggravating. (I honestly think I damaged a brain cell or two trying to find the correct word.)

Now on to the oh so swoon-worthy brothers.

Conrad was a bit too over the top. Now I normally fall instantly for the misunderstood bad boys, however vain that may be, I admit it. But with Conrad, it was just kind of like me saying...

Yeah, I know. Whenever I want something, it never comes true. Whatever.

I think I'm going to root for Jeremiah. Every once in a while, it's nice having a boy who's willing to hold the door open for you instead of slamming it in your face. Can you really blame me?

In the end, I still have to read the last two books. No, not because I have to know what happens next. It's because I already bought them. I wish I could ask for a refund right now, though.

The Summer I Turned Pretty will surely appeal to a majority of readers, especially to those who can be patient with the childish main character. Unfortunately, I was not gifted with that virtue. Quite a few of my friends, including those who don't usually enjoy contemporary, did love this book very much. Perhaps you might too, because in the end, not every book is for every reader. This just might be the perfect summer book for you.

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