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Jun 21, 12

bookshelves: to-read, cover-lust

I am so excited for this book to come out but there is one thing I am seriously worrying about...

The Dreaded Love Triangle of Doom...with Warner

Its no secret that I completely despise Warner with every fiber of my being (a little over-dramatic but still). I am so surprised and shocked that so many people like him. I mean, I didn't know crazed psychotic war maniac was in this year but thank god I didn't get the memo.

Here are the things I am praying will happen:
-Adam and Juliette stay together
-Adam and Juliette get it on
-Adam's body is described in full detail for an entire chapter...or two
-Warner tries to hit on Juliette but she still doesn't fall for him
-Warner gets eaten by bears
-Juliette doesn't spend half the book like almost every other ya character thinking 'but what if I got with the other guy'

In the first book, Juliette said she had no feelings for Warner so I'm seriously hoping that Tahereh Mafi takes the high road and starts something new in ya: the non-love triangle. It would be really cool if Juliette didn't fall for Warner, not only cause I hate him, but because this would show readers/authors that a book doesn't need a love triangle to be amazing! Can't wait for the next book :)

Update: Why is there all of a sudden 'Team Kenji'? Where did he come from? Can't a ya heroine have one guy friend that she isn't attracted to and not just because he's gay? Kenji alright but if he joins this love whatever, I might just die...

Cover Alert!!! Look at that cover! XDDD

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
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♥ Sarah ♥ lmao....I so pray for those things to happen too. Especially number 3 ;) I really hope she doesn't go the love triangle route either.

message 2: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay I think everyone is hoping for a no love triangle thing. At least the Team Adam people are :) And I am so happy that someone agrees with me! Adam is smexy! Warner is creepy...;) And gah I would love for number three to come true...

♥ Sarah ♥ Hey you never know. That was one thing I was pleasantly surprised by with this book. Not a lot of YA books have the heavy sexual tension that this one did. Loved it! ;)

♥ Sarah ♥ Oh yes, and Warner is mega creepy. I really dislike it when authors make bad guys look good later on too. I can never seem to get past what they were like in the past. lol

message 5: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay I love sexual tension too! YA games are usually afraid to go in that direction which is probably why so many people loved this book ;) The chemistry between Adam and Juliette is so thick I just love it! And I'm glad someone shares my hatred towards him. I hope we can find more people who are Team Adam like us.

♥ Sarah ♥ You mean people actually like him? Weird. Can't see why! I mean c'mon, he essentially tortured a poor child. What's to like? Team Adam all the way!

message 7: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay Exactly! But strangely enough people are ugh gross attracted to him, even though he was risking a child's life which is so unexcusable. He also stalked her before she even knew him which makes him even creepier. Ugh, thank god there's Adam!

Sarah Excuse me for adding my two cents here... but how can there reasonably be a Team Warner? Adam puts Warner to shame on all fronts! I mean, Juliette doesn't even have to decision to make: smokin' hot and charming Adam or creepy, psycho stalker Warner? Yeah, I thought so.

I canNOT imagine what kind of plot device that would allow for Juliette have a romantic relationship with Warner. Just not there.

BTW, bears? Nice touch, but maybe too kind. Are there more vicious animals that could eat him?

♥ Sarah ♥ lmao Sarah. Yes! Thank you. It's weird to even think about just LIKING Warner. I could see the author putting in a love triangle with one of the new people she's met at the end (or hasn't met yet but is apart of that place). But...hopefully not. Adam is seriously perfect, she needs not look elsewhere! :)

message 10: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay @Sarah LMAO you just cracked me up! Yes girl! You see things exactly the way I do! Smokin hot and charming is the way to go! Adam wins by a landslide! Lol, I don't even know how there could be a love triangle there. I just don't see it. And I am honestly hoping Juliette doesn't go stupid on us and start feeling bad for him.

@ <3 Sarah <3 I agree! But girls, how amazing would it be if she didn't put in a love triangle? I would love it oh so much! Adam is perfect and those two need time for each other.

Sarah I can totally live without the love triangle- there are a thousand other killer plot devices she could use that would still tear Juliette up inside.

On a side note, I just read a book with a love square, though it was clearly lopsided, as all these love shapes are. Interesting twist, but NOT one I want to see in these books. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

message 12: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay Me too Sarah. I just looked at my bookshelf of favorite books and realized that there are only seven books without love triangles in them. How sad is that? Authors are so dependent on them that it sickens me! :(

And what love square did you read? Because I read a series with a love square and it was godawful! I couldn't stand the main character and everyone pretty much annoyed me...

♥ Sarah ♥ Speaking of love shapes. House of Night was always the worst for me. Always a new boy adding to the love shape mix. I think it was a hexagon at some point. Yeah, no. lol

Sarah The love square was in Prized, the sequel to Birthmarked (Caragh O'Brien). Even the protagonist acknowledges the ridiculousness of it, something along the lines "she'd heard of love triangles, but love squares?" It was actually a useful love polygon and largely necessary to drive the plot (and the protagonist).

I've never really stopped to count the triangle-less books on the shelf. Frankly, I don't think I have the heart.

message 15: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay <3 Sarah <3 THAT WAS THE BOOK I WAS TALKING ABOUT!!! Lol, I hated that series! It was so god awful! And the writing just got worse and worse. Ugh, I am trying to bookswap the books I have but it is so hard to find the time. I actually have a lot of books I want to swap and I need to make a list :p

Sarah I've heard a lot about Birthmarked! Is it a good book? And I find it interesting that a love polygon would push the series forward lol, but definitely worth checking into if its good enough.

♥ Sarah ♥ Yeah I've heard about Birthmarked too. It sounded good at least! And yes, it's hard to count how many YA books are triangle-less. On less than one hand! lol

Lindsay, yes that series is awful! I got only to like book 4 or 5. I couldn't do it any more after that. haha

message 17: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay I stopped at book 5 too! Lol, isn't that ironic? I remember calling up my friend and ranting for a good hour about the entire polygons need to go. And yes, it is hard to count how many YA books don't have love triangles. Most of them are standalones anyaways :p

Sarah I really (really, really) enjoyed Birthmarked and Prized. The dystopian-fertility-birth control genre is a nice change to other dystopian. The series takes it on in a couple of ways as it progresses so it doesn't get old. Honestly, I reread the second book almost immediately after finishing it the first time I liked it so much. The series, I think, is getting better.

Even if I want to strangle the protagonist every now and then. But then, when don't you with a good book? ;)

Sarah Okay ladies, at ALA today several authors (Trinity Faegen, Heather Burch, Sophie Jordan & Rachel Hawthorne) addressed the whole love triangle, or quadrangle as the case may be. They all said that they write that way because that's what teens are like. Anything else would be boring, and worrisome (Jordan). And like Twilight.


message 20: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay Whoa. Thank you so much for mentioning this. Okay. Wow. Let me gather my thoughts.

1) Where did they come up with that logic? Just because Twilight was so successful? I am not a Twilight fan and neither are some other people.

2) I am a teenager. I find this insulting that they would automatically assume that all teenagers like love triangles. That is NOT the case at all.

3) Love triangles are so overdone. I'm sick of them personally. I'm waiting for more authors to turn away from such a thing.

4) I find it kind of sad that so many authors are doing love triangles just because it was successful in Twilight. I would respect authors so much more if they try something different, wouldn't you?

5) I don't think a couple simply trying to be together is boring. I just read Don't Breathe a Word by Holly Cupala and that was most definitely not boring.

I'm really kind of insulted right now. I'm really insulted by that kind of assumption, what about you?

Katie(babs) I'm hoping Warner stays psycho and isn't redeemed. There's no way he can be because he killed innocent people.

Please, don't let the bears eat Warner. There's something about him I can't stop thinking about. Much like Hannibal Lector. LOL.

message 22: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay Katie - I agree with you. I have a feeling Tahereh might try and make him look innocent but I completely agree with you. He knows what he's doing is wrong but he keeps doing it which is unforgivable.

And hey, bears need to eat too. I'm sure Warner is very delicious.

Sarah In some ways I can see where they're coming from. A lot of the kids at my high school were serial daters. Did they fall in and out of love; were they torn between the "boy next door" and the "bad boy?" I highly doubt there was anything that cut and dry.

On the flipside I've been with my high school sweetheart nearly eleven years now, married almost five so the Twilight story is closer than any love triangle. Though there are notable points missing in our story, like we never thought we'd still be together after a few weeks, let alone years.

I think authors fall victim to what is in as far as plot device just as much as genre. We can just hope for more irredeemable characters like Warner to make a love triangle impossible. (Taheri, if you're reason this it's impossible!!!!)

message 24: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay Aww thats so great you two have been together eleven years! Congrats :D

And yes, I do understand that some people do go through that in high school but its so overplayed...

I agree with you. I feel as if authors are so dependant on love triangles to carry on the plot line that it takes away from the story. Besides, some of my favorite stories aren't even love triangles and yet they had great plotlines!

message 25: by Grace (new)

Grace Totally agree with the non-love triangle angle. I hate those stories. I also hate when the set something up and then completely tear it down. I hope this doesn't happen. When the possibility of Warner came into story I was not. happy.
Fingers crossed it ends well...

♥ Sarah ♥ Okay, I totally missed the notifications for this in my inbox, but let me just say that 1) yes I suppose it adds more interest to the story, but 2) it isn't NEEDED to add interest to a story. I can deal with love triangles if I have to, and I've even been known to jump on the team such-and-such wagon. BUT, I read plenty of adult series that manage to not have a love triangle but still have conflict in other ways.

I think a lot of times it's a cop-out and the easy way to create conflict for authors. Cassandra Clare talked about it in an interview once and she made a good point that if done RIGHT, then it can be a character building device for the female (if the love triangle is two males and one female that is). This is because each guy represents two different paths. For example in Mortal Instruments Simon represented Clary's past and Jace represented Clary's future as a Shadowhunter.

I totally get this format and I can see how it would be helpful in that case. However, in most cases they just throw two love interests in the bucket, shake it up and see how it goes along the way. In most cases it just seems like an easy way out for authors.

Sarah Exactly <3Sarah<3 most love triangles are just like drawing for bingo: it could doesn't matter which way it goes. Why do adult novelists manage to write successfully without love triangles? I don't think teenagers are that predictable. Blah!

message 28: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay @Grace, I have hope that overall, the series will end well. Since Tahereh didn't kill off Adam, I'd say that he's going to stick around to the end. But she might throw in a love triangle and that's what scares me. I really hope that doesn't happen because I hate Warner!

@<3Sarah<3 I completely agree! There have only been a few authors who have done a good love triangle and I do think its an easy way out when authors do this. I think more authors need to be more original and come up with new issues or something cause the love triangle is old.

@Sarah Teenagers aren't that predictable! They just make us out to be that way! :/ And there are so many good adult series that don't have love triangles either.

message 29: by Erin (new) - rated it 5 stars

Erin Oh, my lord, you pretty much summed up my entire thought process for this series!! I'm so nervous about the rest of the series, because I can see where this is leading. She feels "something" when he touches her, she's already had a steamy moment with him, and she still kind of questions Adam's loyalty. I do NOT get the Warner love out there, other than maybe he's got that bad boy hotness going for him...but so does Adam, b/c he's sexy as hell and isn't by any means the prince charming!! Please, Tahereh, don't pull a 'team jacob' on us, it would crush me!!!

message 30: by Erika (last edited Feb 11, 2012 09:47AM) (new) - added it

Erika I don't really like Adam or Warner but if I had to pick one it would be Adam.
My favorite character is Kenji :)

message 31: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay @Erin I don't get the Warner love either. Although I have a little bit of hope that Tahereh won't pull a Team Jacob, there's always the chance that she might and then I will get so so mad!!!!! Adam ftw! He is sexy!

@Erika Well at least you would pick Adam over Warner lol ;) Kenji is pretty hilarious...

message 32: by Erin (new) - rated it 5 stars

Erin ♥ Sarah ♥ wrote: "Hey you never know. That was one thing I was pleasantly surprised by with this book. Not a lot of YA books have the heavy sexual tension that this one did. Loved it! ;)"

Totally agree, she didn't hold back and we reaped the benefits!! =)

@Lindsay- yeah, I definitely think she's going to bring Warner into a triangle-like scenario, but in the end it's clear Adam belongs with her. She wouldn't choose Warner, he's just too sick of a person. Bleh.

message 33: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay @Erin He is. I even told my best friend about him and she absolutely loves messed up characters yet she was disgusted by Warner :/. Are you a fan of love triangles?

message 34: by Erin (new) - rated it 5 stars

Erin Lindsay wrote: "@Erin He is. I even told my best friend about him and she absolutely loves messed up characters yet she was disgusted by Warner :/. Are you a fan of love triangles?"

Not unless the one I like ends up with the girl! lol They make me nervous, even though I usually pick the right guy. Started a series recently where the guy I absolutely loved for the main character is turning out to be the 'jacob', and I had to stop reading it I was so mad. Guess it depends on what the writer goes for, but I hate when they mislead you!

message 35: by Emma (new) - added it

Emma I so agree with everything you wrote Lindsay!!

message 36: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay @Ty Lol thanks Ty! Glad I can find more like minded Warner haters. ;) Are you a fan of love triangles?

@Erin Aww I hate when that happens. I also hate when authors drag the love triangle on and on for so long that I just get sick of it all. :/ There was only one love triangle that I really loved and that's only because it was so different than any other love story I read. And for the first time ever, I loved both of the guys. What book was it where the guy turned out to be the 'jacob?'

message 37: by Emma (new) - added it

Emma Lindsay wrote: "@Ty Lol thanks Ty! Glad I can find more like minded Warner haters. ;) Are you a fan of love triangles?

@Erin Aww I hate when that happens. I also hate when authors drag the love triangle on and on..."

no I'm not a fan of freaking love triangles! ;) are you? but ofc I can read it but NOT in this book! if it happens I might kill myself!

message 38: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay @Ty I'm not a fan of love triangles simply because they are SO OVERDONE! However, there are a few - and by a few, I probably mean only like two - that were actually well written and they were very different than the others out there :) I would be so mad if this series had a love triangle as well. I would have no hope for any ya characters out there.

message 39: by Erin (new) - rated it 5 stars

Erin Lindsay wrote: "@Ty Lol thanks Ty! Glad I can find more like minded Warner haters. ;) Are you a fan of love triangles?

@Erin Aww I hate when that happens. I also hate when authors drag the love triangle on and on..."

I started Born At Midnight, and I completely misread the intentions for the one guy. For me, it was like reading New Moon first and expecting to still fall for Edward despite his absence and Jacob's sweet attentiveness. Probably would have been Jacob's ONLY chance for me to choose him instead, which is what I did here with this character. I stopped reading the second story because I was getting so frustrated, but I'm hoping to pick it up with a less clouded POV later! =)

Bianca Exactly! Adam and Juliette are amazing enough, like you said, I hope Warner hits on her, but she totally rejects him! :D

message 41: by Emma (new) - added it

Emma Lindsay wrote: "@Ty I'm not a fan of love triangles simply because they are SO OVERDONE! However, there are a few - and by a few, I probably mean only like two - that were actually well written and they were very..."

yeah... they are so frustrating!I don't think I've ever read a love triangle that I liked :P

message 42: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay @Erin Oh I've heard about that book! But thank you for the warning, I'll make sure to read an excerpt before I get it. God I hate books like that so so much.

@Bianca That better be the case. Otherwise Tahereh Mafi will have some angry stalkers at her door...*hides weapons*

@Ty Have you ever read the Summoning by Kelley Armstrong? Because that series so well written and actually natural to say the least. Give it a shot if you're looking for something fresh :)

message 43: by Emma (new) - added it

Emma okey, I haven't read it but is it worth buying the book??

message 44: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay Yes it is! I absolutely love the series! Although Chloe is more innocent than most YA characters, I'm not as annoyed by her than everyone else. Plus, she can admit to herself who she really likes instead of monologing through the entire series. :)

message 45: by Emma (last edited Feb 20, 2012 10:27AM) (new) - added it

Emma okay, good I think I'll buy it then! :) do you have more book recommendations for me?? :P

message 46: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay Oh gosh I've got a lot of recs. But I'll have to check out your read list first. Do you like YA only or is there anything else you really love?

message 47: by Emma (new) - added it

Emma I mostly like YA but I can read anything really :)

Bianca Lindsey:

Hahaha, yes I will be one of them! :D Not all YA novels need a love triangle, I mean yes they will have their problems of course but it would just be nice to have a couple who can get through all that without there being a third person. :)

message 49: by Lindsay (new) - added it

Lindsay @Bianca For as long as I remember, I've wanted to be a writer and I made a promise to myself: I will never have a YA triangle!!! I agree, I think there are other issues couples can go through externally instead of always having a third person.

@Ty I'll shoot you a message with recommendations :D

Bianca Yes, I like love triangles but nearly every book has them nowdays. I want this book to be different. (I can't bear the idea of Juliette not being with Adam haha) Ohh really? Do you write a lot? :)

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