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The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines
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May 28, 2012

it was amazing
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Fabulous. Absolutely FABULOUS!
My Summary:
Six months has past since Ashton broke Sawyer Vincent's heart. He's really trying to move past it, but every time he sees them together, he wants to explode. Not only does that situation still have him all stirred up, but then Ashton's cousin Lana comes to town for the summer. Sawyer always got along with Lana, but never really thought of her much. Well, things have certainly changed. Not only has Lana become drop dead gorgeous, but Sawyer can't seem to get his mind or his hands off her. Sawyer seems to think that hooking up with Lana might be the perfect revenge against Ash, but he never expected to have feelings for her.

Lana McDaniel has always envied her cousin Ashton. Not only does Ash have all the looks, but she's had BOTH Vincent boys wrapped around her finger. Lana didn't approve of how Ash handled her break-up with Sawyer, but she's not exactly sad that it happened either. She's always had a thing for Sawyer. This is the summer she's going to stand up and take a chance. She wants Sawyer bad, but she won't be second best either.

My Take:
Where to begin??? I suppose I'll start by saying that I had no idea what to expect when it came to Sawyer's story. I'm a true, dedicated, heart-throbbing fan of Beau's, so I wondered how Abbi Glines was going to make me fall in love with Sawyer. I didn't really like him in VB. I didn't even feel bad for him either. Well, I'm pleased to say, that Abbi did it. While I'd still pick Beau, I truly did fall in love with Sawyer Vincent. They are so different and I love them for different reasons, but MAN OH MAN! We certainly get inside his head and let me just say, there's a lot going on in that head of his.

I think what bothered me the most about Sawyer in the first book was that he didn't really see Ash. He had such an idealized version of what he wanted her to be, that he ignored who she really was. He wanted her to forget who she was when they were kids and she was close to Beau. He wanted to be her world. I get that to a point, but boy is that a sure fire way to lose a girl. Having said that, in this book, he does see the error of his ways and it really made sense to me why he felt that way about Ash.

Another reason why I fell for him this time...he is sexy as sin. Seriously. I was shocked. I mean, he's a teenage boy, so naturally he has pervy thoughts, but I seriously considered putting ice down my shirt a few times to cool off. It's not even that the scenes were incredibly graphic, but the way that boy chooses his words could set a house on fire. My friend Andrea from The Bookish Babe and I were reading it together via texts and DM's and I believe there were a few times we BOTH had to step into the freezer. No lie.

Then there's Miss Lana. We get the impression in the first book that there are some underlying feelings that she may have for Sawyer. She's always been the timid one behind Ash's more confident demeanor. Well, this summer everything has changed and she's going for the gold. I absolutely loved that she stepped out of her shell to go after what she wanted. Not only did she do that, but she also had the confidence not to let Sawyer walk all over her. She really was perfectly suited to what he needed.

Truthfully, I could go on and on about this book and how amazing it was, but if you've ever read an Abbi Glines book, you already know that it is. As sad as I am that the Vincent Brother's tales are over, Abbi really tied it up beautifully. I needed to see some issues resolved and I felt that that was accomplished. Not to say that I wouldn't like an update story someday, because let's face it...can you ever really get enough of the Vincent Brothers???
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Brit pretty jealous that you read this already... I'm not one to sit by my Kindle and wait for a book, but I am with this one.

Autumn Review Brit wrote: "pretty jealous that you read this already... I'm not one to sit by my Kindle and wait for a book, but I am with this one."
It's totally worth sitting and waiting for! SOOOO good!

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