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The Unusual Suspects by Michael Buckley
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Jan 04, 12

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It's been a while since I reviewed my first Micheal Buckley book in Sisters Grimm series. For those who haven't read that review , I loved it. I know it's more of a tween book but there is so much in it for everybody. I guess there's a child in each of us who refuses to grow up. One who can gulp down fairy tales , Nancy Drews, Hardy Boys , Ramona Quimbys without giving a thought to the adult image we carry around. Don't let the tag of a fairy story stop you from reading this book. Believe me it's worth the read.

Story picks up from where first book ended and reunites us with the quirky Grimms. Grumpy ,irritating Sabrina , Oh so cute Daphne , pathetically mischievous Puck and the loving and resourceful granny. I think the twist Buckley gives to the much loved fairy tale characters are amazing. Each time a new fairy tale character is introduced, I keep thinking , is he good ? is she what she used to be in the original tale? Buckley keeps us guessing for quite a while before the truth comes out and when it does, you are not shocked but amazed as to how much these new qualities suit the characters. Though I am sure I would never be able to read about an evil Snow White :) Vain Prince Charming, may be, but not evil princess! That's where I'll draw the line .

Daphne was as usual awesome and totally in awe of her new teacher . Any guesses who could that be ? Sabrina on the other hand was frustrating! Ok ,this girl needs a post of her own. I have named her the grand dame of grumpiness. I have seen and read about angst ridden teens but Sabrina is the limit. She can drive you nuts through the pages on the book. Imagine if she was real. I think granny needs to put some sense into her or may be Puck could do that ! Puck has graduated on to more vicious tricks and can be a pest at times. But you'll like him.

This book is more about the mystery at the girls school and the Everafters attempt at trying to leave the place and be free of the enchantment put on them and Ferryport Landing by Baba Yaga. Some important revelations occur throughout the book and then there is the ending . You wouldn't imagine something like that to happen. I mean we have read these fairy tales and think each of them is cute and sweet and lots of other similar adjectives but this was a SHOCKER. Now when I think of it, may be I can understand the motives but with an ending like that , I would be a fool not to read the next book.

If you ever loved fairy tales , you will enjoy this immensly. Though it's middle grade fiction ,I believe the appeal is ageless.

Have you read this book? If so how did you like it ?

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