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The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
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If I had to vote for my favorite Dessen novel , this would be it. It does take it's own sweet time to develop ,with lots of characters introduced and quite of bit of history to re tell but once done with all that , it is an absolute delight to read.

Macy's guilt at her father's death , inability to mourn openly and all the bundled up feelings at the loss has turned Macy into someone she doesn't quite identify with and while trying to fit in with her boyfriend and his super brainy ways , she forgets that she is unique in her own way. And while her mom mourns by immersing her self into more work each day Macy is left lonely and friendless. That is until she comes across the unlikely gang of Wish catering.

It's easy to make main characters interesting but the real talent lies in making your minor characters worth remembering. This book has a host of minor characters and each one is etched perfectly in my mind. There is Kristy who makes Macy see the fun side of teenage life, Bert who is obsessed with apocalypse :) and Monica who speaks volumes in mono syllables. Then there is Caroline , Macy's elder sister and I am sure everybody is gonna love her just for her brutal but utterly honest voice. I loved reading about them and even now as I am writing this ,they brought a smile on my face.

On the romance front,you know there are going to be sparks flying but it is very subtle. Wes , is mature , smart and kind. More importantly he is the one who understands what Macy is going through . The chemistry between them was amazing

Also let me ,I absolutely hated her boyfriend Jason. I mean HATED him. He was not mean or abusive , he was so self centered , callous ,selfish and an emotionally deprived person that by the time the book ended I felt sorry for him . Sorry for his pathetic life.

I know I had strong feelings for the characters of this book but that is what makes it such a great read. You will feel for them all.

A must read for any YA book lover..

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