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Mercy by Rebecca Lim
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Feb 04, 2014

it was ok
Read from January 01 to 04, 2012

A Paranormal-Mystery-Fantasy.

But how much do I need to know about choir?!

I was trying to figure out the mystery with Mercy and Ryan - who kidnapped Lauren. Nothing was given away and I was just as clueless as the characters were. Once they thought they knew who took Lauren and where she was I thought the same, then BAM! Nope, I was wrong and they were wrong. It was shocking to find out who the kidnapper was and the real story in the end.

The end was so heart wrenching! I was blown away by how Rebecca Lim described the characters; I could picture them. I felt horrified by their appearance and by what they may have gone through. The scenario is very much possible because there are so many crazy and sick people out there, which is what scared me the most! I wanted to stop reading almost because I just didn't want to think about it. But then, the best thing happened and characters got what they deserved Good & Bad!.... and I was like BOO-YAH! (Sorry so vague. Don't wanna give too much away) The ending may be the only reason why I "liked" the book instead of describing it as "okay".

For some reason it was hard for me to get into this book in the beginning. I have read only one book with angels in it (The Mortal Instruments) and that barely had any angels. It may be that it was just harder for me to believe such a thing even though, I've read books with elves, witches, demons, vampires, and werewolves. Maybe the whole angel thing has something to do with my lack of understanding religion.

In the synopsis it says Mercy's an angel. Within the text the reader is suppose to figure that out on their own, although she can be described as a "skinjacker" or, from other events in the book, a ghost maybe? It's vague in describing what she really is and I only know to call her an angel because of the book's description. I guess later it will go into more detail and that's why there are three more books after this one. Other signs point to that she may be one of the angels who was cast away with Lucifer. Who knows? I don't know any Bible references. Whenever she sees "Luc" they speak in riddles and I guess I'm suppose to get what they mean if I had read the Bible.

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