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Away by Teri Hall
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Jan 04, 2012

Read in January, 2012

Rachel has gone across the line to get medicine to Ms. Moore's son, Malgam. Once she is at the camp with Pathik and the others, she realizes that her father (who was reported killed in action, but was probably killed by the government) is alive but being held captive by a rival group, the Roberts. This group has long terrorized Away, but has steered clear of Pathik's group because of Indigo's power to kill people just by envisioning them having brain aneurysms. Once Rachel's father is recovered, the group heads back to Ms. Moore's to reunite everyone. Unfortunately, Rachela and Pathik sneak in to town and are discovered. Indigo gives himself over to the authorities instead. This puts a big crimp into plans, since Rachel, her mother, and Ms. Moore were all going to head out into Away. Now, Ms. Moore is staying with Jonathan, who works for her and is sweet on her. The others head out, planning on going to an island that is free from the authorities. They make it there, but without modern medicine or technology, their survival will be difficult.
Strengths: I like to give The Line to younger students who desperately want to read The Hunger Games, since it is a kinder and gentler dystopian book. I also find both of these books to be easy to follow and gripping; so many dystopias are so convoluted that I get lost. Any good book is about relationships and personal growth, and this series has done an excellent job with both of these.
Weaknesses: I forgot why society had dissolved, so more of a recap would have been nice.


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