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The Apocalypse Gene by Suki Michelle
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Jan 03, 2012

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Three and a half stars: A book that is a blend of dystopian, science fiction and mythology all in one!

Olivya wakes to another day of stink and death in her own home. Outside a global pandemic is raging. Healthy people are succumbing to all forms of cancer and dying within weeks. All existing cures and medicines are ineffective against the deadly disease. No one can explain why cancer is ravaging through the population. Olivya's mother to make ends meet, converted their home into a hospice care center. Now, the young teenager spends her days among those that she considers GAD= Good As Dead. The streets of Chicago are mostly deserted. People rely on the internet for all forms of social interaction. Olivya longs to run away and break free from the death but where can she go? She is burdened by a unique ability. Olivya can see auras. Her vision allows her to peek inside someone's soul and learn their true intentions. Each day her world constricts a bit more. Feeling trapped she makes a rash decision to sneak out from underneath her mother's watchful eye and meet up with her friend, Mikah from holo school. She has strong feelings for him, even though she has never met him in real life. Little does she know that things are about to change radically. Will Olivya survive the raging pandemic?

What I Liked:

*This book is unique. It marries a dystopian setting, with a science fiction plot, immersed with ancient mythological characters. This blend of genres provides a wild and crazy ride, due to the many twists and turns in this book. There is even a section where you are taken into the internet with a holograph. This novel is definitely ingenious and creative.
*I enjoyed not knowing who the good and bad guys were, until I completely read the entire book. This novel has a full cast of characters, and all of them keep you guessing as to their true intentions. I was surprised numerous times to find out a character that *I surmised was evil or good was the opposite of my initial impression. This book will keep you on your toes until the final pages.
*I enjoyed the mythological elements threaded through the story. This book relies heavily on old legends and stories. It was interesting to see a current view on some past ideas. This book is brimming with one of a kind characters and creations. I especially liked Pandymone, a living star ship, in the form of a whale.
*I was fascinated by the use of auras and the fifth energy plane. Psychic energy is an essential component of this story. I loved learning the different colors of the aura and what they represented.
*I really enjoyed delving into the computer world. It was a fun adventure for me to see the world as a character, caught in the matrix of the internet.
*This has a neat resolution, no dreaded cliffhanger but the door is left open for a continuation. I will be interested to see where the story goes from here.

And The Not So Much:

*This book from the first pages drew me into the desperate world of the dying population, plagued by cancer. I was completely absorbed in Olivya's story, but then the narration switched to Mikah's point of view. I liked Mikah but for some reason I wasn't as engrossed in his side of the story, perhaps it was just me.
*This book as I mentioned is a combination of three different genres. It is loaded with information. I found the first quarter of the book highly entertaining. The middle portion was weighed down with a load of information dumping on the reader. At times, I was a bit confused by all the characters, their complicated names, the legends and everything else. There was a lot to keep track of and I really had to focus and pay attention. Once I got past that portion, the climax and ending pick up with quick paced action. It is an exciting journey to the finish.
*Again, this might just be me,but one of the characters,Ayvilo's (a computer holograph come to life) dialect was a type of hip slang, after awhile though, it was too much and I felt it was a bit annoying. This character needs to be toned down.

The Apocalypse Gene, is a Young Adult book that steps way outside of the boundaries. It is unique and full of surprises. This book is unlike anything you have read before. Prepare for a bit of dystopian, a dash of science fiction and a splash of mythology. This book will have your head spinning. If you are wanting a book that is different, then I recommend that you check out The Apocalypse Gene. Especially since you can purchase your own ebook on amazon.com for $2.99.

Favorite Quotations:

"They kissed, and the place where their lips touched became the world, the galaxy, the universe. His mouth tasted of cinnamon and sunshine and music."

"Oh that voice so sweet. Rich like the taste of vanilla ice cream, vowels like flute music, warm carmel consonants. She could float in that voice forever and not miss a thing."

"A single beautiful word bobbed through the sea of pain like a scrap of wood from a shipwreck. He clung to it to keep from drowning. Olivya."

"Her colors reminded Olivya of the eager, waxy scent of a new box of crayons."

"What good was it to absorb droplets of negativity when the earth itself was an ocean of pain."

"For the first time in many years, with no Internet or cellphones, everyone seemed to be rediscovering and celebrating the kindness of each other's arms."
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