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Angel Burn by L.A. Weatherly
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Jan 14, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: angelsandhalos, fluffy, it-s-okay, meh
Read in January, 2012


I really wanted to like this more, and it's not that it's terrible, because it's pretty good I guess. It just wasnt for me =/. I found it a little too mushy for me, and I'm a total sucker for luurrve, but this just didnt do it for me.

The premise of the story was freaking awesome! And honestly I LOVED sooo much how the angels actually were. Evil and feeding off humans, heck yes! I'll drink that kool-aid. I did like how Willow is a half-angel, thats pretty neat too. Alex was pretty damn dreamy at times when he was being badass.

And then there was this:


Willow spent 80% of the book crying and boohooing, and the story still had that whole insta-love thing going on. Considering its a series, it should be more gradual, right? I dunno, for the last 8 chapters or whatever it was all "i love him" *looks deeply into each others eyes* "i love her". It was sweet for sure, but it got nauseating for me.

It's like when I buy those containers full of 5cent candy's at corner stores? I start eating them all "tralalala this is delicious!" and then once I've eaten half of them my stomach starts to turn and I start hating myself for eating them -_-;; -sobsob-

Anyyyways, this book was like that for me. I started out looooving it. Willow was pretty cool, she could fix cars and tell the future. And even when she first met Alex she was still pretty cool, telling him he cant tell her what to do (you go girl! lawl) and stuff. Then they fell in love (D'AWWWEEEE) and it was really sweet at first, I even smiled a little, but shortly after that it just kinda went sour for me. I wish it hadnt cause like I said earlier I really love the premise.

The mushy lovey-dovey stuff was just TOO mushy and lovey-dovey for me. :[

This series is getting really high reviews, so obviously there is a lot of good qualities, and it may be that I'm being pessimistic. Read for yourselfs and see what you think =]

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