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Skirmish by Michelle West
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Jan 03, 2012

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FYI: if you read the prolouge and first chapter on Ms. West's wordpress site, it does NOT include the author's note, which recommends reading Sun Sword first. I have yet to find the "story so far" peice she promised for those who haven't read SS. Seems I need to start at the beginning of both series to fully appreciate the story arc/events. And that's OK- I'm looking for a new series.

However, most of these books are NOT available for ereaders or at my local library; SUN SWORD in particular is nowhere to be found. Perhaps by the time I read my way to it,this situation will have changed.

So, I actually went all the way back. As in to the Hunter's duology. I figured by the time I finish, It will be time for War to come out, so why not. Anyway I liked it. I started with the Unbroken Crown which was hard, bec I don't like to read books where women's rights are so repressed. But I got over it and it was worth it.

Now, I have read the Sea of Sorrows, but the Riven Shield is nowhere to be found despite promises by the stupid $%*@)!!! publisher to put it in ebook format. These guys could be making money. What's the hold-up? So I am kind of stuck as I don't want to go to the Sun Sword with a big chunk missing, which means I can't read Skirmish with full knowledge or comfort either. Geez. It's true- who DOES write a whole series and then make you go back and read 8 other out of print!! books??

Yet, i have decided to start reading Skirmish. I skip over spoiler/story recount stuff and go on to the current action. Not sure how far I will read- likely halfway through and then I'll stop.

OK, so I read the book, though I skipped Riven Shield wherefore art thou? and Sun Sword. Which can be done. It was nce to get awa from the super macho Dominion culture and the gracefully submissive yet manipulative wives. but Jay/Kaylin is as stupid as ever, though I liked the story and the action. But all this stuff she does is just too muh. A bit to - dare I say?- Mary Sue. And I've never called any character a MS in my life! I was embarrassed at the spectacles she made. Yes she saved lives, but still. But beliebe it or not i did like the book. When I get RS, I am going to start at UC and go all the way through bc I have skipped a LOT and by then War should be out.

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01/13/2012 page 60
10.0% "I must read through the HuntBrother duology and the Sun Sword 6 books series before I can read skirmish, so this one will be on my reading list for a while."

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Kevin I really like the book so far, but I agree that, thus far in this book at least, Jay has been behaving like her younger self.

Not that it will help your frustration level any, but she behaves more maturely in the later Sun Sword books, that are just prior to, or contemporaneous with this story.

It can be very frustrating, not to have access to prior books in a series or several related series.

"Skirmish," I believe, is the first of Ms. West's books that was immediately available in e-formats. Hopefully, this is a signal that the older volumes will become available as well. In the meantime, have you considered looking online for used copies? They can usually be found very cheaply, and if you find them from the same vendor, shipping is cheap as well.

I've read all the books in these series, more than once, and I, too, would have appreciated a "story thus far" piece; all the books are fairly lengthy with large casts of characters and multiple plot and sub-plot lines. Unfortunately, I was also unable to find the SSF piece on her website. Hopefully, she will put it up there soon.

I hope you continue to give the story a chance; generally it is quite good.

WillowBe Actually, the whole House Wars series is available in eformats. I will continue to read the series, but it just makes it easy to put it down for a while since a situation where 6 adults in their mid 30s have not formed intimate connections among themselves or others. that's like arrested development, and i think the characters deserve better. bec that is part of the dilemma and cost of loyalty- choosing between to your "family of origin" and the family you've made. Tho i'm guessing Carver will have married Merry in the interim.

Kevin I have to admit that you make a good point; without the expository reminders that it has been nearly 20 year since the den moved into Terafin, it would be easy to forget.

I keep expecting something to develop between Teller and Finch, even though it feels kind of incestuous. Also, for a minute or two, in previous books, I thought I caught hints of tension between Devon and Jay. And during their stay in Viandarin's surreal place, things felt a little blurry between Avandar and Jay, as well.

But, again, I admit that it does at times feel like arrested development. By most standards, in universe, these are successful, strong people. You'd think . . .

BTW, I didn't realize that all the books were in available in e-format. Thanks for the heads-up.

message 1: by Estara (last edited Jan 06, 2012 01:30PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Estara I have always thought that being the centre or part of so many dangerous and important developments, Jewel has only found time to let herself love her adopted family - the den. To me she reads as if she feels she can't afford concentrating more on one person.
Whether that is a healthy approach for her personally, however, is debatable. I am sure any potential love interest would have be at least strong enough to get Avandar to move. Good luck with that ^^.

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