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Torn by Amanda Hocking
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May 06, 12

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** spoiler alert ** "You think you can use your charm to get out of anything, but I don't find you charming at all."

"That's a shame," Loki said. "Because, with all due respect Your Highness, I could rock your world."

"I don't need love or a man to complete me, and someday you'll find that's true for yourself. Suitors will come and go, but you will remain."

I stared out the window, unsure of what to say to that. There was something noble and dignified in that idea, but something about it felt a bit tragic. Believing that I would end up alone, that I would die alone, was never comforting.


'Torn' by Amanda Hocking was a good addition to her Trylle Series. We continue on right from where 'Switched' left off at. Wendy is still trying to figure out what to do with herself ever since she found out she was really a troll (and not just any troll) and that she can't be with the one guy that she loves.

Everything that is revealed in this book flows right along with the story and none of it seems out of place. Even when Wendy is captured by the Vittra and held prisoner for a brief period of time. And when she is finally rescued she is spirited away back "home", where even her 'foster' brother is taken with and finally comes to believe what Wendy and Rhys had been trying to tell him.

However, it is at this point that I started to lose a little bit of connection with this story. And it started to go into the "stereotypical" story I have read a million times. Girl chases after guy who she can't be with, makes guy feel like crap, another random boy is introduced right when the girl releases she really can't be with the guy and should move one, starts to fell something for the other guy, the first guy starts to get jealous.... and the whole time her friends become more and more absent and then she walks in on her best friend and brother making out (and happily together with people they shouldn't be with, while the main character absolutely can't be with the guy she can't be with).....

Lol, sorry if I lost you there and that little rant of mine, but this is what really irked me about this story. Wendy during the whole book is chasing after Finn because she still loves him, but Finn keeps putting her off because he "knows" he not good enough for her, because she's the Princess and he's a way lower class then her. All I could think about this whole situation was, grow some balls Finn. If you really love her like it is implied, freaking fight for her, don't just let her slip through your fingers. Love, is something you fight for. No questions asked. But then, Wendy starts to feel an attraction for the captured Vittra Prince Loki. Eck, for the life of me, I could not feel this connection or even where Ms. Hocking was trying to go with the introduction of this character. I really loved the tragic love story in 'Switched', but the love story was completely lost for me in this book.

Besides that, I enjoyed reading 'Torn' and look forward to reading 'Ascend' the last book in this series and seeing where Ms. Hocking takes us.

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