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Switched by Amanda Hocking
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May 10, 2012

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Read from January 15 to 17, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I got this book from when I got a 50% off coupon sent to me. I had known about it for a while, however, it was only available on nook or kindle, so I was unable to read it. I was excited to get it and read it because I had heard so much about it.

The beginning of this book annoyed me. It read really amateurish. There were so many simple grammatical errors and just read really middle schoolish. However, I stuck with it and it steadily got a lot better. It started off strange when Wendy was so easily following in love with someone that was being creepy (her own words) and kept staring at her intensely. That would put me off from a person, not want to be around them. And then she runs away with him when he finally reveals to her that she's a changeling and promises her a better life.

Which she doesn't necessarily get. Because she still has an inattentive mother even when she gets to her Troll home.

However, what really frustrated me about this book, wasn't the writing or simple errors. It was that Wendy was so Blind. There were simple obvious things going on in this book, that I picked up on so early but then it took her forever to figure out. Like who Rhys really was, the blonde hair should of given it right away (I was like OMG, it's him). My eyes kept rolling when she couldn't figure these things out.

It was a new take on Trolls and I haven't read a book just about Trolls before, so I definitely liked the change of pace from other YA books. And the last few scenes between Wendy and Finn were absolutely scorching. These were all great things in the book. And there were interesting characters, so it was definitely not all negative. However, the last part of the book started to remind of 'The VA' series, LOL strange enough. I still really look forward to reading 'Torn' to see what happens between Wendy and Finn and figure out what world she finally chooses.

If you are looking for a simple, easy read with a new concept. This book is for you.

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