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Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews
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Jan 03, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from April 05 to 07, 2012

In the fairness of full disclosure, I read this story in a previous draft as well. While I liked it back then, I love and adore it now.

Andrea is incredible in this book. She kicks ass, takes names, and is a total bad ass. I love her, best side-kick. Ever.
Raphael has some total d-bag moments, but I love him. He more than makes up for it with some groveling and hilarious shifter pranks.
Asciano gets some great page time, and I love that little kid!!
A few moments with Kate and Curran, and they are a blast. BUT WAIT - the novella Magic Gifts that Ilona had for free on her website during christmas, is added to the end of this book. *CHEER*
As always, Ilona delivers an incredible story wrapped around myth and folklore that leaves me desperate for more!
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Anna (Bobs Her Hair) Raphael was a major d-bag (what he said to Andrea "she's not you." Ouch!), so it's good that he grovels. Can't wait for this book and glad that Andrea and Raphael have a full-length novel to follow up their romance from "Magic Mourns."

Btw, are there any issues that rise due to Andrea being beastskin? She cames out totally in this book. Mahon must have some reaction. Just wonderin'.

Nicole Um, you know there are a few issues from people about her being beastkin, but it's handled well, quickly and occasionally with some awesome near-deadly force!
There are some great moments with Andrea and Aunt B actually that I really liked. We don't get to see Mahon's reaction at all. Most people seem to accept Andrea though, especially at the end. :)

Anna (Bobs Her Hair) Oh! Aunt B. Hopefully, Andrea doesn't get slapped down a flight of stairs. LOL

rachel well we can always hope she does that to Aunt B lol

Irrish Please please tell me Andrea hands Raphael's butt to him! I just read that office snippet and its literally still bothering me hours later! I was hoping she'd date Roman and there'd be some rubbing it in his face. Because yes, Andrea was wrong in how she reacted with the whole Knight thing but that whole office thing was cruel. He knew she had issues with her identity and all I saw from that stunt was I, I, I. He didn't even acknowledge anything that happened to her. I liked him so much too. Sigh.

Nicole Irrish - She does put him in his place. :)

Irrish Omg thank you for the reassurance. I mostly knew they wouldnt let us down but the scene was such a shock lol.

Nicole Irrish - It wasn't any easier to read in the book, even though I knew it was coming. Raphael was pretty much a huge dick-wad...

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