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Blood Warrior by H.D. Gordon
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Jan 03, 2012

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** spoiler alert ** This sucks! I just finished writing 1,500 words on this book and Goodreads crashed and I lost it! First, I read this as part of read 2 review and I’d like to thank them and the author for the chance to read it for free!

This isn’t going to be a very nice review. I’ll tell you straight up that I am about to be harsh because I found this book full of potential and I want the author to revise it and make it what it could be!

I’ll begin with a pet peeve. If you don’t really know the meaning of a word, please don’t use it. I found 4 glaring instances of the incorrect use of a word that actually made me cringe in embarrassment for the author. I’ll give one example. People don’t feel pain and ‘suffrage.’ I’m sure that many have had pain after voting when all their hopes have been crushed by the incompetence and corruption inherent in politics, but that was not the intent of the author’s usage. I’m sure she meant pain and suffering. Anyway, I noticed 4 of these types of poor usage. Please find a proofreader! There were several other instances of revision and editing that needed to be done, but that just needs a couple of friends willing to go through it with a fine toothed comb. I’ll continue with the real issues.

I loved the idea of the supernatural world in the story, but it needs serious shoring up. First, the main supernatural characters that are in contact with the heroine (a Sun Warrior), are the Searchers, the Brocken, the Lamia and the werewolves. That’s cool all neat names and fairly original ideas. This is where it gets confusing. The Searchers, the Brocken and the Lamia are all vampires. I’m ok with three races of vampires, but they have to have a reason to be vampires. The Searchers touch people and can read their souls to see what race they are. That’s interesting, but why do they have to be vampires? Do they drink blood (not mentioned)? Do they steal life force (not mentioned)? If they don’t do any of this why are they vampires? Next, the Brocken, they are a warrior class of vampires. That’s cool; warrior vampires make some sort of sense. Maybe being a vampire makes them stronger or faster or something, but we aren’t told what it does for them. In fact, if not that one bares it fangs at Alexa and Alexa and Kayden share blood once in the story, we don’t even know if they drink blood or what it does for them but taste good. This needs to be explained. The Lamia are the coolest vampires, rows of razor teeth, really bad attitudes, and they are nearly unstoppable. Why not leave these creatures as the vampires and make the other castes something else entirely? Finally, the Sun Warriors of which Alexa is from. The idea is amazing, I like the mix of all races thing, but again there has to be a reason for it! We barely get the idea that Alexa has some traits from the other races, but these do not affect the story in any way. They need too! This is what will make her race stand out! We are told that she is part of a kick ass race of warriors that no one can stand against, and she is constantly beat up in the story. If this is to work, then she needs to have an edge that the mixed races give her in some way. Either make her dangerous and unstoppable, or use the edge she gets from being part everything to make her unique. Also, the Brocken are a warrior class. Why do we need two warrior classes? I’m not really against the idea, I just want a difference between them that makes Alexa truly unique. To finish up, the werewolves were ok, but too Twilight. The idea of the Libra race, was just too deus ex machina to mention.

Next, on to characterization, Alexa is the only dynamic character and she squeaks by only because she is narrating the story. She needs a lot more fleshing out. What is the monster inside of her? Just anger? What is the burning flame that Kayden balances? The reader doesn’t know because they are just hinted at. Next up, Nelly, I loved the little sister but she needed so much more! We learn that she and Alexa are really cousins not sisters, but we have no idea how one family gets a Sun Warrior and a Searcher/Lamia mix. What’s going on with the gene pool there? Please give some explanation. Next, we have ONE instance where Nelly needs blood. Cool, why not use this to add some conflict and give her a chance to develop. If no one but the Lamia are true vampires, this would make her life harder as she has to find blood to survive. That would have made the story more interesting! Also, the author wants us to believe in a 4 way love triangle (diamond?) with Alexa, Kayden, Jackson, and Tommy. Yet, even though she’s been with Jackson for years and he is her best friend and boyfriend, I kept forgetting about his character until he shows up occasionally says, “darling,” and disappears again. I didn’t care about him AT ALL. Tommy also has potential but he shows up even less and has money and a powerful dad, that’s all I know about him and he disappears as well. Kayden has the most potential, and the author wants to keep him deliberately mysterious which is ok, but I don’t care about him either. I have to care about the characters to care about the book!

Last, the city is supposed to be this messed up place with messed up rulers which Alexa is prophesied to fix and free all the supernatural races. In short, I never felt any threat or problem. I really don’t see what she needs to fix, but integrating the outcasts back into society. It’s hinted that the Lamia are secretly controlling everything, but I am left not caring since everyone seems healthy and happy.

I have to end on a plus note. I did like the book, I could see where it wanted to go, it was a quick read and had lots of action. It just needs serious revision before it should be released to the public. I liked it and I want to know what happens to complete the series because I found it that interesting even through all of the issues.
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Kenecia Damn girl, you ate that book for lunch, didn't you? LOL I just finished and I'm about to do my review. I seemed to like it more than you, though, some simple editing would've been nice.

Jill Lol. I didn't mean to be so harsh, it just had so much potential, and I want it to be what it could be!

Lola I agree with many of your points Jill, you ask some good questions, some which I also adressed in my review. Some more explanation about everything and some more character depth would make this book so much better. Altough when I read your review I can't seem to find the points that you did like :P. Good review!

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