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The Clone Wars by Karen Traviss
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Jan 03, 2012

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Traviss, as usual, is better than her Lucasfilm source material. In this tight little tale of a military hostage rescue, she chooses to hang a lantern on the silly bits, notably with a "nominative determinism" joke about the Separatist generals all having names like "Evil McBadguy."

She also squarely faces the issues around the Jedi political generalship over their army of clones, portraying Anikin as one of the generals who's earned his rank with his troops, as they both teach their values to Anikin's new padawan.

It'd be a better story if she weren't saddled with the character of Anikin from the movies - he still has to be pretty whiny and angsty to be recognizable, and it's unfortunate. Still, it's a very solid short entry in the Star Wars expanded universe, and a nice bit of military SF.

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