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Remembrance by Michelle Madow
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Jan 03, 2012

it was amazing

Amazing. That's the one word I would choose to describe this book if asked. Michelle Madow had her inspiration of this book from Taylor Swift's song Love Story, and she gave a whole other name to love. She created a scene before your eyes, a story you could've never described.
This book is about a young girl, Lizzie Davenport, who was once a young girl from the Regency Era, is now reborn again as a normal junior in New Hampshire. But she hasn't figured that out yet. Until...
Until Drew Carmichael transfers to her school. Little does she know, Drew used to be a part of her past life, the one she hasn't discovered yet, a big part. In fact, he was the whole reason she and him were reborn again. It's perfect, love at first sight, all that stuff.
Except... One tiny little detail. Drew can't be with her. But, his moving to New Hampshire triggers something in Lizzie's memory, and she starts to discover something within her that wasn't there before, such as one day being absolutely horrible at French, and the next, perfectly fluent. Or playing the piano professionaly when she hasn't ever played once in her life before. No matter how much Lizzie tries to talk to Drew about her newfound abilities and feelings for him though, it just doesn't work out because 1. she has a boyfriend and, 2. her best friend is dating him. But... (You have to read the book to find out what happens next ;) )

My feelings for this book: I was in love. I read constantly, I literally hold a record at school. But as for this book, I've never read any faster in my life, for I was so content on knowing what happened. In fact, I read so fast, that I had to read it again to clearly get what was going on. I loved it even more the second time. This doesn't happen to me often, where I fall in love with a book this much. It's only happened 3 times, once for the Iron Fey, once for the Hunger Games, and lastly for the Twilight Saga. If anything, this has to be among my favorites. I think they should make a movie out of this book, because it would be an instant hit. Miss Madow's debut novel was amazing, absolutely... um... I don't think there's a word on how to describe how great this book was. Thanks for writing this book, Michelle. It holds a special place in my favorites. Right after I read it, there was an excerpt of Vengeance at the end. It was so breathtaking, that I right away went to the Nook store and bought Vengeance without a second thought about it. I remember finishing it all in one night, and faintly hearing my mother yelling at me to put my Nook down... So, definitely read it!!
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