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Drive by James Sallis
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Jan 10, 2012

it was ok
Read from January 03 to 10, 2012

There's a lot of good material in here, but I wouldn't go as far as calling it a novel. First thing I noticed was the huge font and the length nothing more than 158 pages. Short but succinct writing maybe? Nope. It lacked fluidity, consistensy of characters and was just all over the place. Just one big blur of information, where each characters' thoughts and feelings were interchangeable. Bernie sounds like Doc, who sounds like Guzman who sounds like Driver. And the romantic element with.. whatshername? ....was never established so why the hell would you care when it was in jeopardy? You're lead to believe the narrator is a character in itself, void of the ability of proper reiteration, description, depth or expressive perception. Dialogue heavy with no flow. Anecdote after anecdote is thrown out at you with no real storyline whatsoever. It was almost like the writer went to a bar and wrote down what people said then strung it together in one long hot mess. Pity, because at times what was said was substantial, but then again, I have a tendency to see beauty in the rawness of humanity. Idiot isnt a character trait no more than asshole makes you a man. So don't beat the reader over the head about what a dumb fuck your protag is. He actually tells us how Driver is clumsy at the begining of the book, only to spend the entire story making him out to be a great white Kato. This is one of those stories that without having seen the movie adaptation that I am unequivocally certain that the movie is better than the book.

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01/08/2012 page 78
46.0% "The font is huge! This is more of a novella than a novel. Some of the character justifications are getting a bit redundant and the vocabulary of the writer should never be as limited as their notably ignorant main character's IQ. Jus' sayin'. But this thing should've been a movie from the start. It's written too poorly to be a novel. It reads like a screenplay."

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