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Rock Paper Tiger by Lisa Brackmann
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Jan 02, 12

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Read in July, 2011

I think this author has a lot of friends pumping her book. This effort is neither "thrilling" or 'fast paced". It meanders and slogs. The protagonist is self-loathing and whines too much. While I applaud non-Chinese writers who try and breath some real life into Chinese fiction that is generally lacking work appealing to Western readers, Lisa didn't have enough time on the ground to give her any real gravitas, and it shows in her work. For readers who have spent time in China outside of the expat world that exists here, the book is a tremendous yawn. I tried very hard to like this book, because I want to read good fiction from China that tells a real story rather disjointed vignettes. There is a story here, but it's too farfetched and insufficiently gritty. The characterization is weak, and you don't feel yourself really caring about anyone or what happens to them. I suspect Lisa has a future as a writer, but she needs to stick to subject matter she understands better or is willing to research more fully, and she needs to read more, as the book is like a cliche dictionary. Unless you are just hungry for reading something with Chinese characters in it, don't waste your time.

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message 1: by Pat (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pat A private locked profile and only a single review (for this book) doesn't make you very credible. It just looks as if you have some sort of personal ax to grind. I've read the book, and loved it.

message 2: by Dan (new) - rated it 1 star

Dan that's a nice welcome to Goodreads. So, you are suggesting just because I don't agree with you that I have an axe to grind? Jeesh, lady, get a life.

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