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Jan 02, 2012

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What??!!! A 3rd book??!!! I think I might just die..... And I'm the FIRST person to add it... my love for Daemon knows no limits... although I think 2012 is gonna be a trying year waiting for the ending to come hopefully in Dec 2012!
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message 1: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin Indeed, I can't wait! But, look at it this way, we'll have Onyx to tide us over. And maybe a bunch of new Daemon POV's to help us along. :)

message 2: by Sheryl (new) - added it

Sheryl That's a good point Erin, I will seriously try to see the positive side... And yes any more Daemon POV's will def help!!!

message 3: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin Yeah, did you read first chapter and homecoming dance from his POV? I loved them!

message 4: by Sheryl (new) - added it

Sheryl Yeah!!!! I loved being inside his head!!! It made him all the more hotter! LOL!

message 5: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin I was thinking along those lines, myself. :P There's just something about him that simply makes me want to sink my teeth into all that delicious male, lol! I just wonder, if she wrote it all on her own, or if she asked some male friend for insight into a guy's mind. Hm. :P

message 6: by Sheryl (new) - added it

Sheryl Good one, knowing our luck, its all from her mind and REAL guys don't even think like that!!! That's why books are great.... Fantasy world with hot alien guys, here we come!!!

message 7: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin Heheh, yes! Though, on the other hand, if it did come from some guy friend, good god, I'd be so envious! >.< I think it's better to think of it being just her imagination. Yup. :P
I'm so itching for the next book, ugh, kill me now, end my suffering. :/

message 8: by Sheryl (new) - added it

Sheryl Yes, I feel your pain... Sigh.... I guess we will have to occupy our time with other books :)

message 9: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin Yeah, well, at least we'll have plenty of books to pick from. That's something. :)

message 10: by Sheryl (new) - added it

Sheryl Haha, yes, we def have TONS to choose from hehehehe *wink wink*

message 11: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin I'm honestly wishing for another head, so I can read all the books I've started lol! I can't seem to decide what first, adult, YA, fantasy, paranormal, there's so many different genres/books to choose from, I'm lost! :/

message 12: by Sheryl (new) - added it

Sheryl I know! I have so many books to read as well, even at the rate i'm going at, i'll never be able to get through them!!!

message 13: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin Tell me about it, lol! We'll go a book at a time, and enjoy ourselves to the fullest! And when the books we're waiting for come out, it'll be just cherry on top of the cake. :D

message 14: by Roxanne2 (new) - added it

Roxanne2 Girls truly I have the same problem, so many books and I don't know what to read next!!!

message 15: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin I go simply with what catches my eye at the moment. And if the book bores me, I pick something new. :/ Which is how I'm now stuck with 15 books I've started. God help me.

message 16: by Roxanne2 (new) - added it

Roxanne2 you know my problem is If I start a book I have to finish it even if it's damn awful!! That was the case of Beautiful Beings most awful books ever published and had to finish both!!!

message 17: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin Ugh, I usually follow that, although, finishing a book might take me a while. :P And lol, but we've gone sooo off track here, sorry Sheryl.

message 18: by Roxanne2 (new) - added it

Roxanne2 Oh don't worry she won't mind.
Sheryl is an Angel ;) we will just have to mention Daemon again :p

message 19: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin Lol, you're wicked! :P And I know she is. :) You're all angels.

message 20: by Roxanne2 (new) - added it

Roxanne2 you too sweetie :)

message 21: by Sheryl (new) - added it

Sheryl Haha, you both...its a good thing i was sleeping :) Anyways, i too have the same prob as you Erin, i start a book, if it doesn't grab me, i put it down and look for another...not good i tell you...i actually have a lot of books on the back burner... and of course i don't mind...doesn't matter where we all are, there is always some form of hijacking involved :)

message 22: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin Eh, Sheryl, it's not that the book doesn't grab me, it's just that, if someone interrupts me(and that happens quite often while I'm reading ;/), and the book is not uber interesting, well I easily get sidetracked. :( And the fact that there are so many freaking books on my TR list, does not help at all. As for hijacking, uh, no help for that. :P

message 23: by Sheryl (new) - added it

Sheryl I always seem to read at the wrong time so I ALWaYS get interrupted... I know how to describe us; we are book whores... So many books, so little time! :)

message 24: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin Omg lol. What a title, though, you are right. :S
As for interruptions, geez, I think, if I found a hole, buried myself in it, without internet/cellphone access, someone/something would STILL manage to find me and interrupt me in the middle of my book! ;/

message 25: by Sheryl (new) - added it

Sheryl Yeah daughter always seems to find me no matter where i hide! Laundry, bathroom, under the covers, although i can't really only job is to be a stay at home mom for now, so its my JOB to look after my daughter and cook and clean..(i just hate the cooking and cleaning part...:))

message 26: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin Is there anyone who loves it? I mean, seriously. I wish the males of the species did their time at home for once, just to see what's it like. They wouldn't dare say a word about how easy it is for women then. :/

message 27: by Sheryl (new) - added it

Sheryl Yes...i know a few women that love it...mind you one of them is only 25, she has 4 kids under 5 and she LOVES being a stay at home and all the cooking and cleaning...freak...and yes men...only good for one thing...what that is i, i haven't figured out yet! LOL!

message 28: by Erin (new) - added it

Erin She really likes the cleaning and taking care of kids and such stuff?! Is she insane? Okay, that might be unfair of me, but I see it here a lot. How girls are modeled into becoming obedient future mothers with no thoughts in their head, except to be good housewives and not bother the men. I mean, it sickens me. :/
When you figure what it is the men are good for, do let me know. I'm wondering myself about that, lol!

message 29: by Sheryl (new) - added it

Sheryl Yeah...sometimes I feel like the freak...i'm actually better at going to work than being a stay at home mom... :) but oh little girl will grow up soon so i guess i'll go back to work sometime...

Natalie Right now, there are five books in the set series. When I found out this wasn't a trilogy, I went all Breakfast Club; thrusting my fist in the air like a total dork!

Christine This book will not disappoint! You're gonna love it...!

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