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The Lightkeeper's Ball by Colleen Coble
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Jan 04, 12

bookshelves: historical-romance, christian
Read from January 02 to 04, 2012

** spoiler alert ** The Stewart family - upper class, old money, family in Boston. The Bennett family - new money, dad looking for entry into the upper class. Father Bennett wants his son Harrison to marry into the Stewart family, and holds his business as the carrot to Mr. Stewart - but daughter Eleanor, looking for adventure, is happy for the engagement, and travels to California to meet spend time with him. In the meantime, her father dies in the joint diamond mine in Africa - leaving the Stewart's short of cash - and dad Bennett is withholding their contracted share... And then Eleanor dies in California - and it is thought a suicide... and dad Bennett is holding out for marriage (wants older daughter Olivia to marry his son) & is holding onto their share of the mine money. Olivia decides to go to California to find out what happened to her sister - and leads her mom to believe she is wanting to meet harrison to see if they mesh.

And before she disembarks from the boat, she is pushed overboard - and rescued by Harrison... when he leaves her to find help, she makes her way to the light house and meets the Jephersons, who take her in... and she is suspicious of Harrison, and hides her full name from him (and most townspeople) going by her title of Lady Devonworth, but as she spends time with him she begins to trust him, and then to fall in love with him...

Harrison is fascinated by airplanes - and is working on various designs, and testing them out himself... His father is an unscrupulous businessman, and they often butt heads. Harrison is anchored in God, and his valet, Eugene, is his closest friend. Olivia is unhappy with comply with her parent's wishes, with balls and gowns being the focus of her talents. When the lighthouse falls in a storm, she decides to have a masque ball, inviting many of her Bostonian friends, to rise money to rebuild it; and invites the Jephersons to stay with her in the house her father built until their home is restored.

And Harrison sees her excitement about planes, and takes her up, but as they are heading home, the plane sputters and crashes- having been sabatoged. Olivia's ankle is hurt, and it takes 2 days for a rescue party to find them - and she has been compromised - her fair weather friends withdrawing from the balll before checking with her about the facts. her new friends counsel her to look for God's plan - to be the woman God wants her to be...

And a letter in her father's handwriting shows up - saying he is alive and to not trust the Bennetts, and then a will shows up naming a Richard Pixley, his illegitamate son as his heir... and Richard is actually harrison's valet, and he has no interest in his father's money... but his aunt (who raised him), who is the California Stewart's house maid & her son Jerry (a forger), want all of the Stewart money - killing Eleanor, trying to kill Olivia - using the forged documents, trying to make them believe their father is alive to manipulate them, etc.

Harrison resigns from his father's business when his father ignores his 'no' to renting a building to an unsavory lawyer - but forcing him to give Mrs Stewart her due from the mines or else he would turn it over to the police & devotes himself to airplanes, the design, the flying, and building an investment group... and though engaged to Olivia, harrison is angry and hurt when he finds out she lied to him about who she was - but when his heart tells him she needs help, she rescues her and her mother from the carriage house where Jerry has tied them down and started a fire... and he realizes his love is greater than any anger... and Olivia is in full support of his plans, excited by the planes, excited to work with him and marry him... ahhhh

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