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How to Date a Werewolf by Rose Pressey
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Jan 04, 2012

it was ok
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Wow. Bad. I got this free on amazon, thankfully. Maybe 1.5 stars, mostly because I reserve 1 star for books I can't finish.

I'm not even sure what the genre is: romance, mystery, boring?

The premise is werewolf Riley runs a dating service for supernaturals called Get a Mate, which may be the stupidest name for a business ever. She lives with her roommate above her office and can't get a longterm relationship thanks to a gypsy curse.

My issues:
The writing is random at best. It's supposed to be funny, I think, but it falls well short. Mostly she makes me think of that hanger on kid at your lunch table in high school. Always trying to fit in and be funny but really pathetic in the end. The dialogue is pointless and horrible too. It never adds to the storyline, and just bogs things down. I skipped huge portions without missing a beat.

The werewolves are horrible. Riley turns into a werewolf whenever she's stressed. That's fine. Somehow these werewolves have sort of hands, and yet paws. They make human gestures, can speak and stand upright but still somehow resemble big dogs. I keep picturing wolfman and it's not appealing. Reading about Riley growing hair and than shaving, or worrying about this every 30 seconds is annoying. I get it. You're furry. That's gross.

Riley by the way is dumber than dirt. She's convinced disgruntled customer Lily is making threats and such. She never once thinks it could be anyone else, despite lots of evidence to the contrary. Seriously? And in the end (spoiler) she's saved not because she figures anything out or does anything for herself, but because she's pretty and the menfolk protect her.

The love interest is boring. BORING. He's so one dimensional I'm afraid he'll fall over and she'll discover the guy she's been trying to make out with is a cardboard cut out. He's apparently gorgeous and maybe smart. There's no charisma, no relationship building and no tension. Then things hit a snafu and she pretty much forgives him immediately because he's hot.

Don't get me started on her best friend, who appears to have a multiple personality disorder. She's brave, scared, timid, ballsy, witty, stupid, in love, a slut and everything else, all within paragraphs of each other. She's also immediately forgiven for the same snafu.

This book is shallow, boring, predictable and weak. I'm sure there will be people out there that will loves this book because it's an easy, light read, if it doesn't bore you senseless as you imagine throttling stupid, flaky Riley. Don't get me wrong, I love the early Stephanie Plums, so this sort of things should be right up my alley, but it's just unpalatable for me.
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32.0% "Just a little amateur for me. I want to neaten and tighten all over. So far Jennifer is an idiot and Jack is extremely 1 dimensional."
32.0% "Oops, make that Rylie is an idiot. Jennifer's not so bright herself though, so I guess I can stand behind that."
50.0% "Struggling to finish this."
70.0% "She's never afraid when cornered. In her head it's because she's better than them. I say she's too stupid to be afraid."
89.0% "Ridiculous. Not in a good way."

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