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Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver
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Feb 02, 09

Read in February, 2009

I don't even know how long it's been since I finished a book!!! Two months, I suppose. I read another book by this author, "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World," and it was very good and I wanted more of the same. A few of the chapters were not as interesting as the first book, maybe even a little too cliche like if there is such a phrase. The good chapters (totally subjective, of course) made up for it, however. Alot was said about Flesh Woman (the natural man's bride, I guess). We all battle flesh woman. She is described as living inside all of us. She's that contrary, rebellious, incredibly self centered version of you who shows up when things don't go the way you planned and life seems habitually unfair (that would be most of the time, I suppose. "I must warn you, however, that on the surface Flesh Woman doesn't always appear so bad. Instead of wearing leather and tattos, my Flesh Woman prefers lace and carefully coiffured hair. She goes to great lengths to be respectable because she feeds on people's praise and applause. You see, Flesh Woman doesn't need dark alleys and smoky bars to work her worst. I'm discovering she may flourish most in religious surroundings, carefully disguised in church-lady clothes."

There is some confusion, however, in the author's mind as to how the principle of grace lets Flesh Woman stick around. I would love to explain that to her.

My favorite (translate: most needed) chapter is titled "A Fearless Beauty" and, yes, deals with fear. "It's fear that makes us do those slightly crazy, often inappropriate things. Fear that blurts out thoughtless, sometimes hurtful words. Because fear babbles. It freaks out. It searches frantically for explanations and solutions. It races around trying to fix things or, at the very least, figure things out. It fusses and fidgets, messes and obsesses. Fear sews togehter fig leaves to cover our inadequacies and paints bright smiles to hide our tears. It builds makeshift shelters and puts on far too much makeup. It forces us to hide behind facades simply because we don't know what else to do."

I could quote alot of that chapter because I was freaking out about a problem that was easier to freak out about that just to quietly trust in the Lord to gently almost imperceptibly but quite literally see me through. This chapter brought me back to the reality of trusting the Lord in my specific need not just in a general,academic sort of way. This book was a great spiritual springboard to meditation upon where I am and what I lack spriritually and confidence that I can wrestle down that darn Flesh Woman who would have me fear! A definite worth while read.

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