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The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner
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Jan 02, 12

Read in January, 2012 — I own a copy

I shouldn't feel the need to review because of how many there already are that basically sum up my feelings towards this book quite nicely. And my hands are cold because my dad forgot to turn on the heat and. just for your edification, it is really hard to spell correctly when your hands are big blocks of ice.

I devoured the first three books in this series in one weekend. Granted, I tend to do that a lot because I'm a horrible misanthrope, but I still had fun. The first book was nice. The second book was pretty great. And the third one? I was literally rolling around, overcome by giddiness, when I reached the end.

I'm a little embarrassed. I normally pretend to like things less than I do because I like to picture myself as a stone rock, emotionless.

I've discovered I am the roll-on-the-floor-after-something-makes-you-feel-happy-girl.

What I liked about this book:

-The character development of Eugenides (if that's how you spell it :P). From thief to king is a cool journey, no matter what, but I love how he managed to change the opinions of those around him.
-The Queen. How Turner managed to make this character endearing, I have no idea.
-The Point of view of Costis, who was a great add to the characters and who gave us a new view of Gen.
-The political-ness. I'm a fan of high fantasy and this bit of the story is always appreciated. There was more of it in the 2nd book. though, and I'm glad it was limited.

What I didn't like:

-How long the author made me wait for the eventual giddiness.
-I wanted a bit more of Eddis, but I suppose that'll be in the next book.

Not much else.

It was good. Really good.

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