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Cleopatra Confesses by Carolyn Meyer
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Jan 02, 12

Cleopatra Confesses by Carolyn Meyer is an interesting take on a young Cleopatra’s life in early Egypt. This story is for anyone who enjoys historical fiction about powerful women. Carolyn Meyer writes about a Cleopatra who is confident in achieving a crown, tackling many different external foes as the story progresses.
The story begins with a young, pre-adolescent Cleopatra, awaiting the arrival of her father, who is a large influence on her life throughout the story, and avoiding two vicious older sisters who are as hungry for the crown as she is. As the story continues, the reader can watch as Cleopatra grows and matures from a young and eager adolescent to a woman prepared to rule a nation and defend herself from the many enemies she gains. Meyer creates a strong-mined, intelligent and Cleopatra, who has the semblance of a natural born leader. Though at times slow, the story is carried on by Cleopatra’s distinctive perspective and Meyer’s added wit.
Carolyn Meyer’s Cleopatra Confesses is as powerful and charming as the main character. This book is recommended for those of any age who appreciate the tales of empowering female historical figures, or for anyone interested in speculations of the childhood of the Queen of the Nile.


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