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Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Jan 02, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in July, 2011

Judged by cover: Not my Favorite

As I have written in previous reviews I do not like it when the main character is modeled on the main cover, I like to leave appearances to the imagination. What I DID like however was the the color scheme, the blue and black shades gave it a very dark feel and that is how it caught my eye (aside from the title). Though Bryn (The main protagonist) was depicted as she was on the cover I still imagined her completely different. If they are going to put a main character on the cover of a novel I do not think they should have them facing the camera so that there face is not seen. The world needs a little more imagination.

What’s up?
Raised by Wolves is about a young girl named Bryn, who was saved from a murderous rouge Werewolf by the leader of another pack, Callum. She has lived with Callum and his pack for many years now with her adopted mother Ali. She has always trusted Callum and has never doubted him, but one day when she stumbles across a locked basement door she finds something that is almost unbelievable…Chase. Chase is a newly turned wolf who Bryn believes is the answer to her prayers and maybe even has some answers about the rogue wolf that killed her family so many years ago.

Time of day: Absolutely

Bryn is one of the most relatable characters I have ever read about. She has many issues which she has yet to work out and actually understands that she is not the only one with problems. Many times there will be characters who are like “oh no my boyfriend broke up with me, I hate my life so much” thinking that they are the only ones with problems. Bryn was written with the characteristic of putting others first, which is what I respect about her.

Head over Heels: 7

Okay Chase was the main love interest in this story, and he was a great character. He was loveable, a werewolf, strong, caring…a werewolf. You really can’t get any better than that but he did have some flaws. For one his inner wolf immediately went all predatorily with Bryn and for some reason they fell in love very quickly, which is something I didn’t like. Aside from that I loved chase. Then there was Devon, her best friend from the beginning and the strongest wolf of his age. What else was so great about him> well his love of Broadway and movies of course! What could be better than a super strong werewolf who has a soft spot for show tunes? Devon was my favorite between the two but that is just in my opinion. I gave this a 7 because even though both guys were amazing, they did have some flaws.

Bonus Feature: A Sad Back-story

The story is always better when a character has a depressing back-story. I think it helps add to the plotline to make it add more thrill and suspense. I am not entirely sure why I like this feature so much, maybe because all of the books that I read with this feature always turn out well.

Final Flavor: Lemonade on a hot summer day

This book was a great read and was one of my personal favorites. I really liked the basic plotline and the fact that at some points I had no idea what was going to happen next. The wolves were very well written with the fact that the wolf side of their personality was different from the human side. At the time that I was reading this I couldn’t put it down and am eagerly waiting to read the sequel. I would suggest this to anyone who enjoys ten fantasy romance because well… that’s what it is. I think that this book had a strong plotline, a good writer and well rounded characters made it the great novel that it was.

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