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Living Violet by Jaime Reed
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01/02/2012 ""..You know he's weird. Doesn't it bother you that he has women falling all over him?" Nadine simply stared. "You're talking to me here." I gave Nadine a good look from head to toe. "Well, yeah, you got guys all over you, but at least you're hot. Have you lloked at Caleb? .. Dude has no swag & his hygiene is suspect.""
01/02/2012 "Dude was a hard book to read, but definitely a page-turner."
01/02/2012 "Though Dad lived only an hour away, Mom still acted like I was going off to war. I didn't look forward to the devastating farewell when I left for college next year."
01/02/2012 "I had to stop myself from bouncing when he approached the counter with hunger in his eyes. Unfortunately the look wasn't for me, but for the apple tart in the bake case."
01/02/2012 ""When a guy wants you, you are the center of his attention. If he says he has a lot on his mind, that just means that you're not on his mind," Mom answered with a mouthful of ice cream."
01/02/2012 "You can't say the L word. I get it. I have issues with it too. It's like cuss words: you say it enough times, it loses its power."
01/02/2012 "It wasn't fair that he could pig out and not gain one ounce, but if I walked past a vending machine, the button of my jeans popped."

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