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Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
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Jun 25, 2008

really liked it

I bought this book for my 9 year old son, who had begged me for it relentlessly for over a month. After i got it, i would hear him giggling and laughing in his room, and when i would peek in, he was always reading this book. So when he was done, i picked it up and started reading it myself.... and it really is funny! The voice of the main character is very authentic - a thing which is hard to find. I wish that people had been writing material like this when i was a preteen.
Edited to add:
I'm reading a lot of reviews that downgrade the book for the fact that Greg doesn't learn any lessons or redeeming values... Seriously?!?! One thing that i remember HATING as a kid in school was when lit teachers used to make us analyze every thing a character did to see the symbolism the author was trying to portray. Now while i believe that a lot of books DO have symbolism, can't there be some books that are just entertaining and not anything more? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, you know?

Middle school kids are often all the things in this book, shy, awkward, selfish, lazy, and ruthless. Its a tough time in their life, trying to fit in, adjusting to new rules and changes in themselves. Its refreshing to me that an author takes the stance of writing a character that represents these kids, warts and all. Nothing is more alienating than reading about a kid your age who always has the lesson learned and the happy ending. Some folks need to look at these not through the eyes of an adult reader, but of an awkward pre teen.
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message 1: by Darmadi Komo (new)

Darmadi Komo Wow! First of all, what a review! I highly agree with the fact that it is a very good book for children. I hope that there will be more books of the series coming up soon. Thank you everyone!

Veronica Adrias I pre-orderd old skool so im waiting and think ive wacthed the movie of this book

Veronica Adrias I want to see if this book comes out in cinema, cineworld,view and all sorts of movie places. I sometimes get bored of these books. And I wish Jeff Kinney was on Goodreads so I can chat to him about his books and he can give me tell me a tiny bit about the book. Then I can tell my brother about it or say its rubbish he cant read. And I can get the chance to watch it on my IMac. Isnt it such a great plan? And my brother dosent even have Goodreads on kindle!

message 4: by Lauren (new) - added it

Lauren I read this book a while ago but it is a great book for kids and quite funny

Colin M I agree.

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