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Tweak by Nic Sheff
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Jun 25, 2008

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Read in June, 2008

In my neverending pursuit to read other random things and never get through Hunger Games (it's good but depressing!) so I can give it back to Elissa, I read this.

I love to read about methheads. I don't find it depressing, which probably means I am a bad person. When I worked for Medicaid in upstate NY they made us take a class about meth because it is a big problem there. And I am just really into teeth, so I got really into learning about meth-teeth. My interest was peaked and now anything about meth is for me.

Anyways, this book was just okay. No teeth stories! The author's mom is a bigwig in publishing which may explain the existence of this book as well as his ability to afford meth at an age where most of us have to ask for money to go to taco bell.
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message 1: by elissa (new)

elissa You just made me and Jesse both laugh really hard!! And I don't need Hunger Games back. Whenever is fine. My mom wants to read it and K wants to read it, but there's plenty of time for everybody, even before it actually comes out in October.

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