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Dragonhaven by Robin McKinley
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Jan 01, 2012

it was amazing
Read from January 01 to 03, 2012

OMG! This was amazing... I really enjoy reading Robin McKinley but she tends to leave you hanging at the end, as if she's going to make a sequel but then nothing ever comes of it. However this one comes full circle and ends on a beautiful note. It takes a bit to get used to since the main character Jake is trying to tell his story in his twenties about something that started happening at 14, so the writing tends to be a little jumpy. However as one of my co-workers mentioned when I explained this concept, he said, no 15 year old boy is coherent in his thoughts or otherwise. So well done Robin for getting the angle right!
But a beautiful story about coming of age, and dragons in an alternative present day.

(Add-on) So one person liked my review and mentioned that a bunch of other folks didn't care for the novel.... One person even went so far as to suggest it shouldn't be considered YA. Where else, may I ask, do you expect to put a novel about a coming of age story for a fifteen year old boy and his even younger dragonlet? And why wouldn't the narrative be jumpy and all over the place because you're reading a first-person narrative as he's trying to REMEMBER something that started almost ten years before, plus he didn't really want to write it to begin? And why, I ask, would you compare it to Robin McKinley's other novels? Newsflash: Unless the book is part of a series, IT WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH OTHER BOOKS BY THE SAME AUTHOR!!! Sheesh!

I know reviews are personal opinions and all, but it's kind of odd for folks to do such comparisons without thinking about what they're reading. Of course a narrative is going to be jumpy if the character is first person plus a fifteen year old kid. And I don't just mean that its a boy, how many "normal" fifteen year olds could write a story like that, let alone make certain it's super-coherent? What disturbs me the most is that folks who read YA tend to forget that not only is the audience YA but the characters usually are as well. Kids don't think the same as adults.
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