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The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
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Jan 01, 2012

did not like it
Read in December, 2011

What's super-funny about this is that I hate Nicholas Sparks anyway, and my coworker gave me this book for some light reading. So I read it, inasmuch as you can read something this poorly written (I've seriously seen better first drafts in writing workshops) -- it didn't take long, so I can't even be annoyed by losing hours of my life to it or anything. In addition to being poorly written, it's garbage. Just complete, utter, trite, cliched garbage.

So I took it back to my coworker and made a comment about how it was a "quick read," trying to be nice in case she had liked it. And she goes, "I didn't even make it past page 30 because I knew it wasn't going to end well."

Horrible. Horrible, stupid book.

I hope some day I can just phone them in like this. What's shocking is that this was one of his earlier efforts -- which means that crap like The Notebook and Dear John were still to come. It means that someone still wanted to publish his books even after this piece of garbage saw the light of day. To which I say WOW. Just... wow.
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message 1: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia I see you feel very strongly about this book and about Nicholas Sparks as a writer. However, I'd have to politely disagree. Although I will admit that the book did bore me in the beginning. All it spoke of was Mike's hopeless love for Julie and the hair salon. Singer was the best part of the book then, in my opinion. But once Richard's character was exposed, I don't feel as if it was cliché at all. In fact, I've never heard of anyone acting in such a way that Richard did and it deeply disturbed me. Maybe the love story was cliché with the girl falling in love with her dorky best friend, blah blah. But the suspense and tension brought on by Richard and his controlling and devious nature was truly unique, in my opinion.

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