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A Whole Nother Story by Cuthbert Soup
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Jan 06, 12

This is a wonderfully entertaining children's novel. A father and his three children are on the run, staying ahead of corporate villains, secret government agents, and international superspies, all bent on getting their hands on his latest invention. With humor along the lines of Dave Barry, Douglas Adams, and (Brandon Sanderson's) Alcatraz series, it is often hilarious with off-the-wall narrative and side-commentary ("unsolicited advice").

Aside from the humor, I love the family relationships. The three siblings bicker and tease, but they also stand up for and support each other. Their individual quirks are even endearing to one another. The father, while usually preoccupied, is always loving and protective. This is a family that sticks together. At times it grows sentimental as they remember their lovely late wife/mother. In addition to these, I enjoy the bizarre but friendly vagabonds they encounter along the way. They all have some kind of odd difficulty, which the family is happily able to alleviate.

Written for grade-school age children, this little book can be enjoyable for adults as well.

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