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Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson
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Dec 31, 2011

it was ok

I have read every Alex Cross book there is and have loved every one of them - until now. I found myself to be very disappointed with the latest installment of James Patterson's number 1 detective series.

So, what had me so disappointed with the newest Alex Cross "adventure" (notice the quotations around adventure? My play at being sarcastic)? With a title like Kill Alex Cross I was expecting a fast paced, edge of your seat thriller I wouldn't be able to put down. That's not what I got. What I got was Alex Cross on the fringes of two stories that ended up having no connection to each other at all - it was more like Alex was a secondary character in his own series. And as for someone wanting to kill him? Again, that whole concept was more of an after-thought due to his quasi involvement in one of two cases as opposed to being the main plot point - as he should have been.

It seems that with the multitude of titles he puts out every year, James Patterson just phoned this one in - which in my opinion was a shame and a severe injustice to one of my favorite characters by one of my favorite authors in a long time. I also feel it was a great injustice and insult to his fans to treat this character and long time series with such disregard. If I was able to, I would advise James Patterson to slow down. Cut down on the amount of titles because you are losing a great aspect of your story telling in that way.

I can only hope that the next Alex Cross novel has him back on track and in the forefront of a great thriller once again.
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Kimberly Piggee I totally agree with Michelle. I got to the end and was like that's it? There was only one sentence towards the end mentioning killing Alex and it was the bad guy asking himself if he should kill Alex or not!!! Total disappointment

Michelle Grogan Hi Kimberly, Did you read the free short story from B&N Merry Christmas, Alex Cross? Was soooo much better than Kill Alex Cross. It's what Kill Alex Cross should have been!

Angie I just finished this book and was very disappointed also. I felt like the terrorist deal and the runaway girl were added as filler, or to set up something for the next book. Either way, it did feel like he was phoning it in. Maybe he was trying out a new ghostwriter? LOL

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