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The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M. Auel
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Jan 17, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: trashy-tuesday

Right. The Mammoth Hunters picks up right where The Valley of Horses left off. Jondalar and Ayla were out riding their horses and are hailed by a big dude with a smile on his face. Ayla’s first impression of him is how huge he is, because he’s even bigger than Jondalar (who is 6’6″ and looks like a young Ron Perlman, remember?) So, the giant invites them back home with him (cos everyone is super friendly in the stone age, dur) and they meet the Mamutoi of the Lion Camp.

I could go into all of the names and hearths and stuff, but it was pretty boring and I kind of zoned out while I was reading it (I did find this awesome 360 view of what one of the Mamutoi Lodges looked like, though). Important people: Nezzie, the mate of the headman of the Lion Camp. Ranec, a half-African man whose father is Mamutoi, but his mother died on the trip back from Africa when he was small. Mamut, the ancient mystic shaman. Frebec, asshole. Rydag, boy of mixed spirits that Nezzie adopted (he’s got a bad heart and has been frail since birth).

There are a bunch of long-winded introductions (which sets the tone for even longer-winded introductions in later books), but they’re not as long as they could be because Ayla introduces herself as “Ayla of No People.” She has an interest in the boy that Nezzie adopted because he kind of reminds her of Durc – the son she was forced to leave behind. Rydag is unable to speak because he inherited his neanderthal mother’s underdeveloped vocal cords, so Ayla teaches him the Clan sign language and the rest of the camp starts using it as a way to communicate with him, but also just to mess around.

Ranec decides pretty much the minute they show up that Ayla is The Love of his Life, and is determined to convince her to share his hearth with him. This pisses Jondalar off, but he’s too busy being a passive aggressive jerk to actually tell Ayla how he feels about it...

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