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Unveiled by Courtney Milan
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Jul 17, 2014

it was amazing
bookshelves: historical-romance
Recommended to Mimi by: Ana Smith
Read in May, 2012

5 stars

“They want a woman who is a canvas, white and empty. Standing still, existing for no other purpose than to serve as a mute object onto which they can paint their own hopes and desires. They want their brides veiled. They want a demure, blank space they can fill with whatever they desire.”

“Miss Lowell, you magnificent creature, I want you to paint your own canvas. I want you to unveil yourself.”

Wow! This book was much more captivating than I'd thought it would be. I loved it! So many thanks to my sister, Ana, for recommending Courtney Milan(many, MANY times) and to Anna and Erika, with whom I'm doing this buddy read. So, people, prepare yourself. Quotes overload!

Ash Turner has had a difficult life-made all the harder by the Dalrymples-the duke and his sons. But he's made it, he's now a successful businessman and a rich man, if not an educated one. And now he has the chance to take his revenge on them-as well as help his beloved brothers Mark and Smite in one move. Taking their dukedom away from them by proving their illegitimacy. Maybe it is cruel, but there are few things Ash wouldn't do for his brothers...

"Yes,” he said, catching her look. “More of my cheerful ruthlessness, I’m afraid. And now you know my greatest weakness: my brothers. I want to give them everything. I want everyone in the world to realize how perfect they are. They are smarter than me, better than me. And I’ll do anything—cross anyone, steal anything, destroy whatever I must—to give them what they deserve.”

"Ash might as well have offered to send him to Jupiter for a brief visit. But then, if Mark had wanted to flap his wings and embark on a voyage to distant planets on holiday…
Well. Ash would have found a way."

Even though there's a certain distance between them and Ash feels left out...

"I’m sorry I ever left. I’m sorry for whatever happened to you out there. I’m sorry there’s nothing between us to stitch together into even a pretense of friendship. I’m sorry, Smite."

So he arrives to Parford Manor, and there he sees her who he knows only as Margaret Lowell

"He’d never seen the woman before in his life. He couldn’t have; he would have remembered the feel of her, the sheer rightness of it.<…> Whatever it was, something about her resonated deep within him.
It reminded him of the cacophony of an orchestra as it tuned its instruments: dissonance, suddenly resolving into harmony. It was the rumble, not of thunder, but its low, rolling precursor, trembling on the horizon. It was all of that. It was none of that. It was sheer animal instinct, and it reached up and grabbed him by the throat. Her. Her."

And if there's something no one can deny about Ash, it's that he always follows his instincts:

"A better phrase might have been that he possessed a sheer animal instinct. As if the reactive beast buried deep inside him could recognize truths that human intelligence, dulled by years of education, could not."

And they are leading him to Margaret. And he is determined to win her over. It shouldn't be too difficult. After all, he is endlessly charming. Everyone loved him, right?

Margaret Lowell is actually Lady Anna Margaret, the daughter of the Duke of Parford She remained in the manor to see what kind of man Ash was and to report it to her brothers, to help them in the fight for the title. But, slowly, Ash starts to win her over, despite her original protest. And he won her over by showing her all she is and could be. But first came flirting and teasing

“I brown terribly in the sunlight. I’ll develop freckles.”
“Oh, no. That sounds awful.” He spoke with exaggerated solicitude, but he leaned down from his horse until his nose was a bare foot from hers. “Freckles. And what do those dastardly spots portend? Are freckled people thrown in prison? Pilloried? Covered in tar and sprinkled with tiny little down feathers?”

Then the encouragement:

“So call me Ash,” he said with a smile. “Call me Ash, not for me, but as a small defiance. Call me Ash because you deserve it. Because your station is just so many words in a parish register, not a sentence of death.”

And, finally, the love:

“And then you looked at me and you told me I mattered. You didn’t need theories or arguments to make me believe it. You just…looked. And you believed.”

“I love that you make me feel as if I’m the only woman in the world. I love that you’ll always be there for me.” She sat up on the bed, and her petticoats fell, so that only her toes peeked out at him from underneath those layers of fabric. “I want to paint my own canvas, Ash. And I want you on it with me."

There were problems, of course. The biggest being Margaret's real identity and the necessity to choose between her brothers and him.

"He stared up at her, and then slowly, slowly, he gave her a brilliant grin—one that lit the darkest corners of her wary soul. He was all light, no darkness. It was Margaret herself who cast shadows."

But when Ash wants something and feels something is right. He gets it. Always.

So, what else to say about this book. I obviously loved it. I liked its originality, the characters, both Ash and Margaret were great and so right for each other. I loved the brothers, too. Especially Mark. A Practical Guide To Chastity, indeed *snort*. I loved the humor and the romance. the whole damn thing. So, to everyone reading this review... No I did not post the entire novel here, and there's so much more. And you should consider-I'm not usually a fan of historical romance, so me saying that means a lot.

Oh, and the only thing I remained curious about-what's Ash's full name?

ETA Never mind the last bit, Erika told me (view spoiler) No, I'm not kidding.
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1.0% "I usually don't read acknowledgements, but this was just too good, I had to post it:Finally, I need to thank my husband for listening to me read parts aloud and not wincing, and my dog, for curling up patiently at my feet when I was too busy writing to take him to the dog park.
The cat gets no thanks. I still have scars.
05/26/2012 page 112
30.0% "I like Ash sooo much and his love for his brothers is amazing: "Ash might as well have offered to send him to Jupiter for a brief visit. But then, if Mark had wanted to flap his wings and embark on a voyage to distant planets on holiday…
Well. Ash would have found a way."
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Erika Wonderful Mimi! Makes me feel better. I'm moving on! (with better mood, thanks to you Mimi darling *hugs*)

Mimi Smith Thank you! I'm glad and I hope things improve for you!

Erika OMG Ash has the weirdest full name!
(view spoiler)

Mimi Smith OMG, how didn't I catch that? I probably did but didn't take it seriously.

Well, his mother was a nut. Everything's possible. Now I'm curious about the others. BTW I kept on reading the series, the 2nd book is Mark's. He's such a sweetheart.<3

Erika Oh come on, just admit that you did not catch that http://www.smileycodes.info

You're reading the second book right now? Damn you're smitten. Mark was sweet, but I'm more curious with Smite. Smite is my favorite.

Btw, I've just finished it, and I liked it! :D

Mimi Smith I did not :P.
Yep, I am and he is very, very sweet. Smite's cool, will get to his book when I finish this one(which should be soon since the weather is IMPOSSIBLE, and I'm just sitting and reading and LIKING it).

And I'm so glad you ended up liking it, you had me worried for a while :D

Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter Great review, Mimi! I recently read the whole series and it's FABULOUS! BTW, Ash is my favorite hero in this series but Smite is a close second. I hope you will enjoy the other books too!

Mimi Smith Thanks! I'm really enjoying the series and this author is new for me. I like all the brothers, they're all so wonderful in different ways, as are the heroines.

I'm currently reading the 2nd book and so far, like it a lot. It's really...different and original as far as the couple goes. A reversal of roles, for sure.

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