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The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi
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Dec 31, 2011

it was amazing

Second one in a week
“The Immortals of Meluha”
Me reading this book would eventually glance someone who knows me, to think,
how in the entire hell I came across this book when we haven’t even heard of the existence of such a kind.

Ya, let me make it again a point to note, I am not a voracious reader. The way I came across this book was a strange coincidence. The Infosys did host a book review by Amish Tripathi, the author of The Secret of Nagas, which is the second to the sequel of Shiva Trilogy.
That’s when I heard about the book first. I thought of giving it a shot despite hearing a review from my friend, who said, it’s just a mere novel. But what to say, I felt like loneliness prevailing and I thought of spending the sleepless nights with this. Ya, its marking officially a week without sleep. I wonder how I forgot to sleep. I suppose now I need to re-learn the way to sleep.
So that’s when I came to hear that Manu Varghese owns a copy of the book. I got my hands on the book. Though Vidya (another college mate cum colleague) said a not-a-that-great review, I grabbed on to my passion for Mythology and History.
What to say, the book, right from the very beginning was amazingly superb. Might be my interest in Hindu Mythology which added up the enthusiasm, but it was amazingly superb. As one among the comments on the back-cover of the page says, “...a definite page-turner”.
Though, the book was roughly 400 pages long, I did manage to finish it in a couple of days. Could say, didn’t even took 2 days. I would have to admit that the book is the first of such a kind which grabbed my eagerness. Even my favorite Harry Potter series, didn’t had this much of in it. This was simply amazing. I suppose, now the list of favorites is gonna have a slight change, but before I do so, I will have to read the second in the series. And another thanks to Amish for ending the first book in a suspense. Wonder when I will get my hands on “The Secret of Nagas”. I wish it would be soon. Else, got to buy one ASAP.
And I would say, it’s a MUST READ, for every person who loves to read on History. It’s simply magnificent and fast moving. I suppose, just like an author of old times said that I skip the boring parts from being written in the book when asked for why his books are so interesting. This too, is simply fast. I couldn’t find a single page, which turned out to be unworthy.
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