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BeSwitched by Molly Snow
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Jan 02, 2012

really liked it
Read in December, 2011

So, as the synopsis tells us, we have a bit of a Freaky Friday situation going on except it's between a cat and a human. Now the cat doesn't know acceptable human behavior, after all, she's been living with a mean witch for the past several hundred years and the human doesn't know acceptable cat behavior. What ensues is a learning experience for both of them. Cathy, the human is your typical shy girl who doesn't know that she's actually pretty. There is a mean girl, of course, Tiffany who bullies her with her posse of friends. Cathy just tries to avoid Tiffany. Easier said than done, especially when they walk home the same way.

But, when Surla possess Cathy's body, things change and Cathy starts wearing makeup and showing her full potential. Now I don't think you have to wear makeup to look pretty or tight clothes to look good, but Cathy is no longer hiding in plain boring clothes and wan looking skin. That's Cathy/Surla. But Cathy/Surla doesn't really know what acceptable behavior is so she gets into trouble, like not knowing what a phone number is and licking a boy when he wants to kiss her. Yeah, gross! But it's kind of funny, too! But this lack of knowledge gets her into real trouble.

The first half of the book seemed a little predictable to me until Cathy/Surla got into trouble and up until that point I would have said it was an MG book, but not that kind of trouble. Got your interest now, haven't I?? Well, let's just say I'd never have wanted to get caught like that! Neither would you!
From mid point on, the book takes some unusual twists and Cathy as in they cat is in danger of being discovered.

Mix Idis, the witch that owns Surla who can't do magic without her, with Cathy as a cat and Surla as a human and Surla's cousin together along with 13 witches and black magic and there is bound to be a lot of trouble. And guess what- there is character growth, even though Surla working as Cathy does most of the work, Cathy changes. And Surla's circumstances change for the better as well. And you actually do get to see a lot into the characters of Cathy and Surla (even if she is a cat).

This is a short, fun book to read and there is a follow up novel I'll review later in the week. I recommend it when you want something light and enjoyable that won't be keeping you up at night. I'd say the 13+ crowd is just right for this. And don't you just love the cover??

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