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The Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke
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** spoiler alert ** The dragons are about to be displaced by humans and they must find a new home. The new home is, in fact, their old home, The Rim of Heaven, but it’s so long ago in memory that only the oldest of the dragons has heard of it, and he doesn’t know where it is (all he can say is that it's 'east'). Fireheart, another dragon, undertakes a quest to find it with the help of his brownie and human friends. Trouble finds them every time they land. At one point they attract the attention of Nettlebrand, the golden one (a dragon-look-alike made by an alchemist to hunt and kill real dragons). Nettlebrand's spies keep him apprised of Fireheart's movements. But in their final confrontation, one of these spies defects and is instrumental in Nettlebrand's defeat. They eventually find the Rim of Heaven and everything is resolved according to a long ago prophecy.

I keep trying things by Cornelia Funke, because her books have been popular with the kids (who keep asking for them), but I haven’t found anything that I really like. The Dragon Rider was more enjoyable than The Thief Lord or Inkheart, but it still lacked some polish. There's some waffling over whether Fireheart or Ben is the most important character before Funke goes with the human boy (the proverbial dragon rider), and it's just really disappointing to see the dragons get short shrift. Dragons should be awesome and they just fail to impress in this story. A story like this should enchant, and it doesn’t quite make good on its promise. It’s ok, but there are better things out there.

*Note: My rabbit ate this book. Literally. I had to pay to replace it. So...possibly popular with rabbits, though probably more for the roughage than the content.
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