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The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe
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Dec 30, 2011

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Read from January 12 to 18, 2012

When I requested The Way We Fall from NetGalley, I was under the assumption that this was another dystopian or post-apocalyptic read, this is not exactly the case. The Way We Fall is set on an island that is quarantined because of an outbreak of a dangerous flu-like virus that is killing people. It is never made clear whether this virus is world-wide or confined only to this island so I don't know that I would describe this as either dystopian or post-apocalyptic. However, this is just the first book in what I assume will be a series, perhaps this will change in subsequent books.

With that being said, I came to really enjoy The Way We Fall. The book starts off a bit slowish and it wasn't until almost halfway in that I really became engaged in the story. The story unfolds through a series of letters that are being written by the main character Kaelyn to a boy named Leo. It isn't explained until much further into the book exactly who Leo is and what his significance is in Kaelyn's life. Other than a few instances of Kaelyn mentioning Leo's name, The Way We Fall simply reads like any other first person narrative.

Kaelyn describes herself as a bit of a loner who has a difficult time making friends. Many people seem to view her as snobbish or stand offish and she makes a couple attempts to break out of her shyness a bit. During the upheaval caused by this virus, she finds herself thrown into the company of people who she had barely ever exchanged words with previously as the community tries to pull together to make sense out of the chaos. Her character learns and grows throughout the story, coming to some realizations about herself and others and changing the way she thinks and perceives the world because of it.

As far as the virus itself, there isn't any real scientific explanation about the nature of this virus or any real research into the cause and cure. It's just basically this teenage girls viewpoint of the outbreak.

The romance happens a little fast, but for me it was still pretty much believable. I think that it is realistic to expect that two teenagers who may not have crossed paths before, finding themselves thrown together in a situation like this might be drawn to each other in this way. I will say there are no declarations of undying love and inability to live, breathe or otherwise function without the other, which is refreshing. I liked all of the supporting characters, Kaelyn's mom, dad, brother, romantic interest, and friend; but I think that they were a bit one dimensional. I would have liked to have seen some more depth to them, although I recognize that this may have been difficult when I was only viewing the story via Kaelyn's perspective through letters to her friend.

I definitely did NOT like the way it ended. I was so frustrated by the many unanswered questions and the fact that absolutely nothing seemed to be resolved by that ending. I'm not a big fan of cliffhanger endings and I feel like a story has to have at least some resolution by the end even if the story will continue. Overall, I think that The Way We Fall is a solid and enjoyable read by Megan Crewe and I'll be interested in seeing where she goes with the story in the next installment. I would recommend The Way We Fall to any fans of YA, Realistic Fiction, or Medical related fiction.
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Regina I am interested in your thoughts, I wasn't immediately pulled in. I sort of set the book aside.

Donna Oh no :( I hope this doesn't turn out to be yet another disappointing 2012 book. I haven't officially started it yet, I plan to start it this evening. The cover is 'bleh' so that's usually a good sign. Its the pretty covers that too often disappoint.

Regina It might just be me. This is my favorite genre (apoc/post-apoc), so I could have been giving it a harder time than it deserves. I am going to get back to it by Monday.

Wendy Darling Hm, the "medical-related" comment made my ears perk up, Donna.

Regina You say you came to enjoy it -- at what part? I am wondering if I should pick this back up.

Donna Regina, it wasn't until just after the midway point that I really started to enjoy the story. That's about the point when things actually started to happen. The pacing is still rather sluggish, which is why I only went with 3 stars.

Wendy, its an "okay" read that is painfully slow until about midway. As far as the medical aspect, maybe that was a bit of a stretch and I should change that. I just was referring to the fact that its about a flu-like virus outbreak and a quarantine, and therefore there's a medical aspect to it. Sorry if that was a little misleading. You may like it though.

Regina Hmmm, I probably won't dive back in then. Great review though!

Wendy Darling With such a sterling recommendation, I don't how I can resist, hah. ;)

Donna Thanks Regina!

I just wanted to add a little bit more to my answer to Wendy and I should add this to my review, there isn't any real scientific explanation about the nature of this virus or any real research into the cause and cure. It's just basically this teenage girls viewpoint of the outbreak.

Wendy Darling Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. I think you'll enjoy Partials a bit more than this one, then.

Donna Wendy Darling wrote: "With such a sterling recommendation, I don't how I can resist, hah. ;)"

Ok Madam Sarcasm lol

Wendy Darling Hah hah, that's me!

I may pick this up sometime from the library out of idle curiosity, but it helps to know not to expect too much. If there's a virus, I usually want a lot of medical talk. ;)

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