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Golem in the Gears by Piers Anthony
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Jun 15, 2014

it was ok
bookshelves: fantasy
Recommended to David by: Stewart Wymer
Recommended for: Nobody (unless you are a rabid Piers Anthony fan, but then you would know about this book anyway)
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Fairly much a non-starter
30 December 2011

It seems that Anthony just keeps on writing, and as he keeps on writing, people keep on buying his books, and because they keep on buying his books, he keeps on writing. Not that it is necessarily bad, though we must remember that these books are targeted at a younger audience (as I will explain shortly). Anyway, it suggests something similar to Stephen King. Okay, some of Stephen Kings books are actually really good, but it appears that he got to a point where he had developed a loyal following of devoted fans, and thus reach that point where he is supported by simply writing books to appeal to this niche audience. Look, writing books is cheap and inexpensive, but does require a lot of skill (or at least a lucky break), and I would hardly call it easy. There are a lot of would-be writers who simply believe that once they get that lucky break they will be on easy street. Unfortunately, for a lot of great authors, this did not happen until after they died.
Now, I won't really say anything about this story, but rather use the opportunity to talk about the Adult Conspiracy (God bless the internet). This is a concept in Xanth where when an adult is around children they cannot swear, mention the stalk, and protect them from disease. Basically it is a concept that once should not destroy a child's innocent even unintentionally. Swear words are bleeped out, and children are forbidden from seeing underwear or nakedness. However, reproduction in Xanth occurs by way of the stork, and the idea of the stork was so that children did not hear about sex until they had matured. However, I think the idea of the conspiracy is a little silly, particularly in a book targeted at the pre-teen market because by suggesting that adults are hiding something from children makes them even more curious to find out what it is they are hiding.

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