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Jan 10, 12

(Review from the author)

Notes on FOREVER AND A DAY (because I thought it'd be fun!). To those reviewers that read this version via NetGalley and ARCs -- ack! -- the final edition (print and kindle, nook, ect.) is vastly different due to tight scheduling. But you did get the spirit of the book. Various different scenes were added, various dialogue changed, especially pertaining to the hero's father himself.

If you felt like the book ended abruptly, I am ever so pleased to hear it! That means you wanted more and believe me, there is lots more. For those that have ever read my Gallantry series, I like to play with what I call parallel storylines from flip point of views. In each following book of the Rumor series you will see more of the story you didn't get to see in book 1 (pertaining to Georgia and Robinson, Matthew and Lady Burton and yes, Atwood himself). Until you get the whole story with the last book.

Robinson never regains parts of his memory in book 1 for a reason. 1.) Amnesia victims usually don't remember things leading up to the accident itself if they are fortunate enough to regain their memory. 2.) I wanted the reader to see Robinson from a flip point of view without rehashing what readers already read.

Call it evil on my part, lol, but I promise, whatever questions were unanswered in FOREVER AND A DAY will be answered in FOREVER A LADY and FOREVER A LORD. This whole series combines two historical cities I’m madly in love with. New York City and London, set back in 1830. It’s Annie meets Newsies meets Cinderella Man in late Regency. And it’s all connected by the disappearance of a ten year old boy, Lord and heir to the British Sumner estate. Sounds ominous?

Elements of it are, but don’t think it’s dark because that’s not what this series is about. It’s about hope, redemption and above all finding laughter in your world when you thought there was nothing left to laugh about. It brings together all of my own personal angst (like my own brother disappearing from my life) and bringing it together within the confines of a gritty historical world that will give each couple in all three books the happily ever after my brother never got. Despite this series having elements of darkness to it, it swings back toward the happiness and humor I love to write. People will find this series to be very different from my Scandal series. While the Scandal series was all about scandal, the Rumor Series is all based on…you guessed it…rumors. Everyone loves to gossip and everyone has their own opinion of things, but does that make it real? And who does it affect? Each book will take us steadily closer to the truth behind the disappearance of Lord Atwood. It’s all about rising above what everyone THINKS and facing what IS.

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Kati zomg!!! I LOOOOOOVE Newsie like nobody's business.

message 2: by Delilah (new) - added it

Delilah Marvelle LOL, I knew I could count on you to love what I love! Book 2 is totally Newsies except instead of boys toting newspapers, it's grown men with pistols :)

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