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The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter
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Dec 30, 2011

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Read in April, 2011

In short, the Lords of the Underworld were soldiers for the Greek gods. They defied them and killed their fellow warrior Pandora to open the box that housed the demon lords. Now they are cursed with housing those demons inside their bodies. Maddox was cursed with violence and to die as he killed Pandora, being stabbed in the stomach six times, every night by Pain and Death (Lucien and Reyes). Only because of Ashlyn's sacrifice he no longer endures that curse.

In this book, we learn more about Death (Lucien) who not is no longer cursed to ferry his friends soul to hell every night. Still, he is called to ferry the dead and to fight it is to endure pain. The Goddess of Anarchy, Anya, helped Lucien and Ashlyn and since then Lucien has not been able to get the Goddess out of his mind, even though he never met her.

Anya and Lucien's story is a huge fight. They are both fighting their desires, their misconceptions and there natures. Of course, they both overcome to be together but it is a long road that leaves you wondering when it will end. Despite the drawn out nature of the story, it wasn't half bad. I was interested in certain things going on and while I was waiting for Lucien and Anya to finally admit how they feel, I became more interested in Paris's predicament.

Paris is possessed by Promiscuity. He can't be with the same woman twice. While out prowling he meets Sienna. Turns out she's a hunter and she helps kidnap him.

Wanting to know what happens between Paris and Sienna is more interesting at times than Lucien and Anya's story. The sad thing is that we won't get Paris's book for a very long time.

But as the characters for this book were Lucien and Anya, let's talk about them. Lucien is a very strong male but he also seems very compassionate. And supposedly he's not beautiful, though the cover would have you believe differently. Lucien is scarred badly, by his own hand. He once loved a mortal woman and when she grew ill, he refused to take her soul to the afterlife causing her to suffer horribly. After he eventual death, he punished himself to make himself less desirable to woman. And it worked. Not only did he scar his body but his feelings. After nearly 1000 years of being rejected because of his looks, Lucien has trouble believing Anya finds him beautiful.

Anya is a goddess so right off the bat we know there is going to be some ego trouble. However, she's been mistreated by the other Greek gods and therefore is less of an egomaniac than most. She is strong, capable and cursed herself. To have sex with a man mean being bonded to him for life, so Anya has avoided that all her life. The thing is she can't help but think being bonded to Lucien wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Thankfully, Anya is less willing to just be her man's woman and is more willing to be independent though I think finding the balance between being with Lucien and still being a strong woman was hard for Showalter to find and took what felt like and eternity to get there. While this book wasn't the best it was still interesting, though you could take it or leave it.

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