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Evel by Leigh Montville
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Dec 30, 2011

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I don't know what to think of this book. Evel was a real shady character and a hypocrite from the sounds of it. He was like the bad Shepherd and his friends & followers of the time should maybe try looking inward for being pathetic enough to stick around nibbling at his crumbs... and there were lots of them from the sounds of it.

Well written, but not recommended. Made me feel miserable and dirty for looking through the window to the end.


Beginning to think a lot of the information in this book may be biased. Some of the claims these people make seem to be fairly heavy handed.

I suspect some people are bad mouthing Evel due to jealousy and envy; possibly exaggerating some of the things Evel did or did not do. Still, he was clearly a messed up individual.

Still reading.


If you're an Evel Knievel fan and you wish to remain one you may want to skip this book. 100 pages in and this man has no redeeming qualities. I used to love this man and his exploits but I'm finding it hard to hold on to any appreciation for him whatsoever.

What a disgusting philandering crooked criminal he was. Even if he ended up founding the Ronald McDonald house and UNICEF before he died I doubt it would be enough to make up for all of the atrocities he committed.

Still reading.

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