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Evermore by Alyson Noel
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Dec 30, 11

did not like it
bookshelves: epic-fail, in-lust-not-love, paranormal-romance, romance

Well where do I begin? Another one of those gag-me-please books. No but really. Gag me. Please.

Let's start off with the fact Daniel Grigori Damen Auguste and Luce Price Ever Bloom are a disgrace to YA Literature. Forget the fact that it's practically Fallen and Twilight mixed into one barfworthy book that inspires face planting on a desk growing spikes, this book is just downright pathetic.

No, no, Alyson, take your time. No need to get to the point of this whole waste of space or include a plot. Just throw a self absorbed, lonely, shallow minded bitch girl, who's gorgeous but knows it but pretends she doesn't cause she wants to seem cool enough to bang the hot dude is modest about it. Then add the sexy, mysterious, hot personality-less, immature, bastard and beautiful hero and you're good to go!

Why bother giving a reason for them to fall in love? They just need to be hot, have sexual tension, and BAM there's your true love! Because, let's be real here, looks are all that matter! Because I can bet you anything in this world if Ever blew up like a balloon from too many cookies, or got a god forbid pimple on her face, Damen would be bolting his way outta her pants, all the way to Mars.

The only character who I liked or somewhat respected was Miles. Which I think I can safely say everyone felt the same way. But of course, Noel had to take the only good thing about this book, smash it with a hammer, burn it, kill it every way possible and make him the one everyone pities because he is gay and cant hold onto a guy because he's too weird or whatever. NEWSFLASH Noel, gay people are fucking awesome just like anyone else. Way more awesome than Ever. And speaking of, where the HELL did THAT name come from?! You either pulled that right outta your ass, or had a concussion while writing this disgrace of a book.

Besides the disgusting shallow love lust in this book, there was NO PLOT. Or if there was I missed it. Maybe due to the fact I could barely keep my eyes open.

In conclusion, this book was beyond terrible. If you don't want to end up with one eye, and an eyepatch, and a sore jaw from too much teeth-gnashing frustration, stay away.

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